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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009East / West Relations in Dramatized Postcolonial Fiction : A Study of Two FilmsAthamneh, Nasser; Al-Shoubaki, Sahar Fathi
1994Fortune and Destiny in the Canterbury TalesAthamneh, Nasser; Al-Qura'an, Raji Ahmad
2012From Confession to Death : A Study in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath and Anne SextonAthamneh, Nasser; Al-Shamiri, Safiya Mohammed
2008Heideggerian Being \ Being in Song of Myself by Walt Whitman : A Critical StudyAthamneh, Nasser; Al-Jarrah, Hamzeh Ahmad
1999Man and War in Modern Poetry : A Psychoanalytic Study of Some Selected Poems of World War I, and World War IIAthamneh, Nasser; Abu Baker, Ahmad
2009Problems in Translating Metaphorical Expressions in Shakespeare's HamletAthamneh, Nasser; Shunnaq, Noor Ziyad Mohammad
2010Social Impacts on American Detective Fiction : Race, Class and GenderAthamneh, Nasser; Al Jezawi, Hanan Khaled
2012Suffering and Personality Growth of Orphan Characters in Three Novels by Charles DickensAthamneh, Nasser; Bani Hani, Nisreen Abdel Raheem
2010Text as Body : The Case of Ondaatje's the English PatientAthamneh, Nasser; Alrawashdeh, Muttasim
2010The African American's Sexual Identity : A Study of Two Novels by James BaldwinAthamneh, Nasser; Mayyas, Mais Barjas
2008The Journey and the Cultural Interaction Between Arabs and the West : A Postcolonical Study of Salih, Bowles, and HaqqiAthamneh, Nasser; Masud, Muhammad
2009The Legitimacy of the Colonial Language in Postcolonial Writing : A Study of Ngugi's Matigari and Achebe's No Longer at EaseAthamneh, Nasser; Abd-Alqader, Rahma Mohammed
2008The Problem of Identity in Asian-American Drama : A Cultural StudyAthamneh, Nasser; Al-Azzam, Mouadh Fayez
2010The Question of Identity in Selected Novels by Chinua AchebeAthamneh, Nasser; Assadi, Ali Jamal
2010The Rendition of Emphasis into Arabic in Barak Obama's SpeechesAthamneh, Nasser; Al-Khomous, Hala Juruh
1999The Theme of Marriage in Virginia Woolf and Ghada Al-Samman : A Comparative Study of Two NovelsAthamneh, Nasser; El-Khatib, Nujood Fares Hasan
2012The Treatment of Women in Two Novels by John Updike : A Biographical StudyAthamneh, Nasser; Hamad, Fahad Sulaiman