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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Investigating Three Translations of Some Supplications in the Holy Qur'anBader, Yousef; Mistarihi, Fawzia Saleh Rasheed
2008Loan Translations Vs. Loanwords in Sports TermsBader, Yousef; Mahamdeh, Ahmad Ali Hussain
2008Loanwords and Loan Translations : The Case of Literary Terms Used in ArabicBader, Yousef; Shiyyab, Noor Shehab
2004Metaphorical Lexis and Collocation in English and Arabic Economics Discourse : A contrastive studyBader, Yousef; Abu Zaid, Bassam Othman
1997Mother-Infant Interactions : A Linguistic AnalysisBader, Yousef; Al-Hammouri, Yazeed Mohammad
2006Parliamentary Elections Announcements in Jordanian Newspapers : A Sociolinguistic StudyBader, Yousef; Al-Refa'i, Amani Nayif
2016Persuasion Strategies Used by Sellers in Jordanian ShopsBader, Yousef; Saed, Sager Mohammed
2017Politeness Strategies Between Algerian and Syrian Male Speakers of Arabic Compliments and Compliment ResponsesBader, Yousef; Azouaou, Nassima
2008Problem in Translating English Business Letters into ArabicBader, Yousef; Shreah, Majd Ibrahim Abdul-Aziz
2005Problems in the Translation of Noun Clusters from English into ArabicBader, Yousef; ِAl-Sayah, Raid Suliman Mohammad
2009Problems in Translating Civil Court ComplaintsBader, Yousef; Rahabneh, Amani Mohammad
2004Problems in Translating Some Specialized Computer TermsBader, Yousef; Homaidan, Marvet Abed
1997Problems of Translating Dentists' Examinations Given by the Ministry of Health in Jordan (1973-1997)Bader, Yousef; Asqalan, Manar Mohammad
2007Problems of Translating Technical Psychological Terms from English into ArabicBader, Yousef; Zghoul, Ola Rafe
2003Request Expressions Used by Yarmouk University StudentsBader, Yousef; Al-Hamad, Raghda Fauez Faris
2016Semantic Change in Recent Arabic Loanwords from EnglishBader, Yousef; Suleiman, Jamlah Issa
2017Sociolinguistic Functions of Code Switching in Jordanian ArabicBader, Yousef; Alzghoul, Rawan Muneeb
2008Some Problems of Translating English Information Technology Terms into ArabicBader, Yousef; Suwais, Dina Mohammad
2014Students' Attitudes Towards Language Planning in AlgeriaBader, Yousef; Kharoubi, Mounira
2004The Effect of Age, Gender and Culture on the Use and Interpretation of Implicature : A Pragmatic StudyBader, Yousef; Mousa, Wafa'a Abd El Motti Al Seid