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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The Effect of Age, Gender and Culture on the Use and Interpretation of Implicature : A Pragmatic StudyBader, Yousef; Mousa, Wafa'a Abd El Motti Al Seid
2012The Effect of Gender on the Discourse of Jane Austen's Sense and SensibilityBader, Yousef; Abu Al Yaqeen, Esraa' Mohammad Waleed
2016The Effect of Some Variables on Congratulatory Expressions in Weddings and New Births in Jordanian ArabicBader, Yousef; Al-Mustafa, Ayat
2016The Effects of Speech Disorders on Speech Production of Jordanian ChildrenBader, Yousef; Shatnawi, Hana'a Hassan
2012The Functions of Concessive Discourse Markers in Arabic : A Relevance-Theoretical ApproachBader, Yousef; Jarrah, Marwan Ali Saleem
1995The Impact of Regional Differences onForeign Language Acquisition : A Sociolinguistic PerspectiveBader, Yousef; Massadeh, Maen M.
2001The Language of Advertising in Women's Magazines in JordanBader, Yousef; Haddad, Maram T.
2014The Multi Use of Adjectives in Irbid, JordanBader, Yousef; Al Tamimi, Jawad Ali Sai'd
2015The Pragmatic Functions of Interrogative Expressions in Spoken Jordanian DialectBader, Yousef; Zreiqat, Mahmoud
2014The Pragmatic Functions of Repetition in Prophet Mohammad's HadithsBader, Yousef; FarajAllah, Wala'a
2015The Pragmatic Functions of the Vocative in the Jordanian Variety of ArabicBader, Yousef; Aqailleh, Safwan
1998The Representation of Gender in TranslationBader, Yousef; Bani Aamer, Jacqueline Muhammad
1996The Significance of Silence in the Jordanian Society : a Sociolinguistic PerspectiveBader, Yousef; Sahawneh, Kamel Yousef
2011The Translatability of Some Cultural Expressions Used in Ajlouni DialectBader, Yousef; Alqudah, Heba Mohammad
2010Threatening Strategies in Jordanian Arabic and American EnglishBader, Yousef; Al Shboul, Othman Khalid
2011Translatability of British News Reports Involving Political Ideology : A Case StudyBader, Yousef; Al-Taqatqa, Tareq Mahmmoud
2011Translatability of Pun in Kamel Nusairat's Sarcastic Articles into EnglishBader, Yousef; Al-Shra'ah, Mohammad
2009Translating American English Tabloid Headlines into ArabicBader, Yousef; Gharaibeh, Faten Abdallah
2010Translating Cultural Sayings in Jordan into EnglishBader, Yousef; Al-Shdaifat, Wa'ed Nayel Fahid Elias
2010Translation of Written Detergent Advertisements from English into ArabicBader, Yousef; Habush, Hadeel Ahmad