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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Kerogen From the Campanian Oil Shale of NW JordanMustafa, Hakam; Darwish, Hatim
1999Lasbecia Trilobata n.gen.,n.sp.from the Brandenberg formation (Middle Devonian ) of Westphalia , GermanyMustafa, Hakam
1996Microfacial and Petrographical Study of the Burj Formation (Late Early Cambrian )Abd, Umar; Mustafa, Hakam
1997Microfacies Analysis of Amman Formation (Late Cretaceous ) , NW -JordanNabulsi, Samir; Mustafa, Hakam
1989Microfacies Analysis of Amman Formation (Upper Cretaceous) in the Area West of Irbid (NW-Jordan)Mustafa, Hakam; Nabulsi, Samer S.
2003Midlle Eocene Selachian Fauna From Wadi Al - Rijla Al - Bayda , Eastern Desert of JordanSmadi, Ahmad; Abu Azzam, Hassan; Zalmut, Iyad; Mustafa, Hakam
1995Mineralogical and Geochemical Study Of The Oil Shale Of Wadi Esh-Shallala (N-Jordan )Jarrar, Muhammad; Mustafa, Hakam
2001On Angiospermid Pollen from the Kurnub Sandstone Group ( Lower Cretaceous ) , JordanMustafa, Hakam; Ahmad, Fayiz
1993Origin Composition and Texture of the Travertine in Wadi Haufa and Deir Abu Said AreasMustafa, Hakam; El-Radaideh, Nazem Mansour
1996Palynology and Sedimentology of the Lisan Formation Quaternary in the Central Part of the Jordan ValleyMustafa, Hakam; Al-Obeidat, Ali Mahmood
2000Palynology of the Lower Part of the Lisan Formation ( Quaternary ) , Karamah Area , JordanUbaydat, Ali; Mustafa, Hakam
2008Petrographical and Mineralogical Study of the Travertine in Deir Abu Said Area , NW JordanRadayidah, Nazim; Mustafa, Hakam
2008Petrography and Geochemistry of the Tufa From Wadi Haufa - Wadi El - Arab Area , NW Jordanal-Radaideh, Nazem; Mustafa, Hakam
2000Petrography, Geochemistry and Evaluation of Organic Matter of Oil Shale in the Area Between Wadi Zahar and Wadi Abu-Ziyad (NW Jordan)Mustafa, Hakam; Al-Mehdawi, Hazem Sabri
1994Pollen & Spores From The Kurnub Sandstone Formation ( Early certaceous ) In North JordanSayyid, Fayiz; Mustafa, Hakam
1992Pollen and Spores from the Kurnub Sandstone Formation (Lower Cretaceous) in North JordanMustafa, Hakam; Al-Said, Fayez Yacob Meflh
2000Radon Exhalation Rate Measured in Rock Samples From JordanBatainah, Barakat A.; Mustafa, Hakam
1994Reconstruction of Palaeoenvironment and Basin Analysis of Wadi Es sir Formation, North JordanAli, Jawad Ali; Mustafa, Hakam; Al-Hadithi, Mufid Sadi
1998Sedimentology Petrography and Geochemistry of the Upper Cretaceous Phosphate Between Madaba and KarakMustafa, Hakam; Lehlooh, Ahmad Subhi M. M.
1990Sedimentology, Petrology and Stratigraphy of Petra SandstoneMustafa, Hakam; Issa, Farah A. M.