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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996A Contrastive Analysis of Deixis Between English and ArabicAbulhaija, Lutfi; Al-Ali, Ali Salem Mufaddi
1998A Critical Survey of Some Quranic Quotations in Spoken Arabic in JordanAbulhaija, Lutfi; Hazaymeh, Omar Mohammad-Ameen
2010A Developmental Corpus-Based Study of Prepositions in ArabicAbulhaija, Lutfi; Al-Batayneh, Mahmoud Mohammad Salim
2014A Psycholinguistic Study of Brand Names PromotionAbulhaija, Lutfi; Sider, Lina "Mohammed Anwar" Rashid
2013A Sociolinguistic Study of Greetings and Apologies Used by Yarmouk and Zarqa University StudentsAbulhaija, Lutfi; Abu Laila, Emad M. Ahmad
2014A Study of Some Semantic Aspects of Some Arabic Motion VerbsAbulhaija, Lutfi; Al-Ashqer, Akram Idrees Mohammad
2016A Study of Word Formation Processes in Arabic and EnglishAbulhaija, Lutfi; Al-Nu'airat, Wafa Ibrahim
1997Al-Laam in Standard Arabic : A Translational PerspectiveAbulhaija, Lutfi; Qadoura, Kamal
1993An investigation of Teacher and Students' Evaluation of Televised English Programmes of Tenth GradeAbulhaija, Lutfi; Nusair, Sa'ad Ahmad
2011Code Switching in Print Advertisements in JordanAbulhaija, Lutfi; Al-Ajlouny, Mohammad; Al-Shomary, Abeer Fawzi Mohsen
2012Compliment Expressions : A Contrastive Study of American English and Jordanian ArabicAbulhaija, Lutfi; Quran, Afnan Abdullah
2005Cultural Dimension in Action Pack Textbooks from Teachers' PerspectiveAbulhaija, Lutfi; Autoom, Maha Abed Al-Kareem
2009Cultural Problems in Translating Palestinian Folktales into EnglishAbulhaija, Lutfi; Abu Ismail, Ahmad Mahmoud
1997Difficulties of Translating Banking Terms, with Special Focus on Banking Terms in Legal TextsAbulhaija, Lutfi; Qassas, Ra'ed Sami
1992Error Analysis of Yes \ No Questions' Answers : English Department Freshman Students and Native Speakers of EnglishAbulhaija, Lutfi; Al-Qreenawi, Ahmad Audeh
2018Hedges in the Repertoire of Syrian Refugees in Jordan : a Cocio-Linguistic StudyAbulhaija, Lutfi; Obeidat, Walaa Mohammad
2016Language Choice and Language Use in Computer-Mediated Communication : Code-Switching by Arabic Native SpeakersAbulhaija, Lutfi; Othman, Feryal Ali Khader
2008Machine Translation Versus Human Translation with Reference to Pronouns: A Study of Agreement Errors in English-Arabic TextsAbulhaija, Lutfi; Okour, Rasha Ghaleb
2015Non-Native Speakers' Mastery of English Sociopragmatics : A Case StudyAbulhaija, Lutfi; Nassar, Mohammad
2007Nurses' Verbal Interactions with Female and Male Patients at Jordanian Hospitals : A Case StudyAbulhaija, Lutfi; Al-Karazoun, Ghada Abdelmajiid