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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990A Cross-Sectional Study of the Word Recognition Strategy Preferences of Prepatory Students in Irbid Government SchoolsAhlawat, Kapur; Kraizem, Mariem Daifallah Faleh
1987Alternative English Vocabulary Learning Strategies Among Different Groups of Irbid Second Secondary StudentsAhlawat, Kapur; Bataineh, Fatimeh Shafiq Eliyan
1982An Analysis of Teaching Behaviors that Discriminate Between the Effective and Ineffective Social Studies Teachers in JordanAhlawat, Kapur; Al-Dhamen, Waheed Abed Hafieth
1992An Evaluation of Teacher-Made Tests in Mathematics for Tenth Grade StudentsAhlawat, Kapur; Muniezel, Abdul-Hameed Mujalli
1988An Evaluation of the TEFL Textbook (Petra) for the First Preparatory Class in JordanAhlawat, Kapur; El-Mostafa, Ali Mohammad Al-Ahmad
1990An Evaluation of the TEFL Textbook Petra for the Second Preparatory Class in JordanAhlawat, Kapur; Saleh, Nidal mohammad Ahmad
1984Conservation Tasks as a Criterion for Classification of Mentally Retarded Children in JordanAhlawat, Kapur; Khalil, Yaser Salem Skeikh
1985Demographic Determinants of Test Anxiety in Jordanian StudentsAhlawat, Kapur; Al-Ahmad, Ahmad Yousef
1990Development and Validation of a Vocational Education Attitude ScaleAhlawat, Kapur; AL-Sa'd, Ahmad muhammed Al-Hasan Al-Ali
1985Differential Perceptions of the Goals of Compulsory Education Among Sections of Population in Irbid GovernorateAhlawat, Kapur; Karasneh, Ahmad Mohammad Mustafa
1988Fitting Rasch Model to test Anxiety InventoryAhlawat, Kapur; Al-Khatib, Saleh Saied
1986Native Speakers' VS.Non-Native Speakers' Evaulation of Jordanian Secondary Stage Students' Errors in CompositionAhlawat, Kapur; Al-Ahmad, Husni Ibrahim Awad
1989Relative Effects of Some Psychological and Social Factors on English Language AchievementAhlawat, Kapur; Shannaq, Khalaf M.
1990The Effects of Formative Testing Strategy Upon Student's Achievement in MathAhlawat, Kapur; Muheidat, Abed Al-Hakeem