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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Performance Study of Solar Panels in Irbid City Based on Environmental DataAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Nsoor, Atef; Athamneh, Ala'a Saleem
2014An Evaluation of CAD Tools for Implemmenting the 2D Discrete Wavelet Transforms (DWTs) Using Fiela Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)Al-Jarrah, Mohammad; Jhar, Asmaa Mustafa
2017Automated Gleason Grading System for Prostate for Prostate Cancer Segmentation and ClassificationAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Salameh, Oraib
2019Classification of Breast Cancer Using Histological Image by Convolutional Neural NetworkAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Al-Quran, Hiam; Manasrah, Hadeel Mohammad
2013Developing SNORT Rules for Detection and Protection Against SQL Injection AttacksAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Alsmadi, Izzat; AlNabulsi, Hussein Azmi
2006Development of a CAD/CAM System for Forging ProcessAl-Omari, Faruq; Al-Jarrah, Mohammad; Omari, Mohammad A.
2010Development of a Web Search Engine for Arabic Language ContentAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Al-Momani, R'aed
2018Enhanced Data Hiding Mechanism Based on Randomized Substitution Over SLSB TechniqueAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Al-Hamdan, Sami; Okour, Safaa Mohammad
2016Evaluation of the Impact of Midstream Route Flamps on TCP PerformanceAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Aljarrah, Emad Hussain
2008Face Recognition Using Reduced Color Feature TechniquesAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Obeidat, Jehan Qweider Mahmood
2018Jordanian children's Communication Strategies in Grocery StoresAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Suleiman, Saleem
2011Modeling and Evaluation of Cache Coherence Mechanisms for Multicore ProcessorsAl-Omari, Faruq; Al-Jarrah, Mohammad; Al-Manasia, Malik Amin Mohammad
2016Optimization of Data Center Energy Consumption Using Genetic AlgorithmsAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Alrwilan, Faisal A.
2016Performances Limits of IEEE 802.11 Point Coordination FunctionAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Eyadeh, Ali; Jumaili, Ahmed H.
2017Robust Video Object Tracking Using Open Source ToolsAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Al-Tamimi, Abdel Karim; Nawafleh, Osama Khaled Rashed
2016Security and QoS Awareness Scheduler for Distributed Multi-Server System in Packet Switched NetworksAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Awawdeh, Saraa M.
2014Time Variant Mathematical Series Based Modulation \ Demodulation Robust Text Data Hiding in an ImageAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Al-Shamasneh, Aya Rateb
2017Video Indexing Based on Scene FeaturesAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Al-Tamimi, Abdel-Karim; Alwadi, Mazen Ghazi