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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991A Comparative Study of the Effect of Some Selected Prewriting Activities on the Quatity and Quality of Paragraphs Written Byninth Grade Students in RamthaAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Khwaileh, Faisal Mahmoud
1999A Study of Tests Written by Teachers in Beni Kananah Directorate of Education for the Seventh Grade StudentsAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Shatnawi, Mwaffag Mohammad Khaled
2000An Analysis of Tag-questions Errors Made by EFL Iraqi StudentsAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Al-Ani, Ahmad Abdul Hammeed
1990Assessment of the Vocational EFL Students Needs an ESP StudyAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Ababneh, Ghazi Mohammed
2010Designing an English Instructional Program Based on Semantic Mapping and Questioning Reading Strategies and Measuring its Effect on Hashemite University Students Reading ComprehensionAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Bani Salameh, Lina Abed Al-Qader
1989Influence of Arabic Language Upon the Learning of English Propositions by Secondary Student in JordanAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Bdour, Wedad Hamed Suleiman
2011Perceived Vs. Actual Linguistic and Pedagogical Competences of EFL Jordanian Secondary Stage TeachersAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Zawahreh, Firas Ali Suleiman
1989Teaching English Adverbs to Second-Year English Majors at Government Community Colleges in Irbid Governorate : A Contrasto-Error Analysis StudyAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Haddad, Huda Sari
2008The Appropriateness of a Set of Criteria for Evaluating E-Textbooks as Perceived by Academic Supervisors at Al-Quds Open University in PalestineAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Dweikat, Khaled Abdel-Jaleel Abdel-Raheem
2008The Effect of the Interaction of Computerized and Non-Computerized Semantic Mapping and Co-Operative Learning with Jordanian Ninth Grade Students' Cognitive Styles on their Achievement in English Reading ComprehensionAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Sabbah, Sabah Salman As'ad
2001The Extent of Using the Techniques of Teaching Reading Comprehension by Jordanian EFL Teachers at the Secondary StageAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Al-Dgheim, Hammad Abdulkarim Hammad
1993The Use of Certain Genres of English Literature in Teaching Vocabulary and Structures to the 12th GradeAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Al-Momani, Naim Mahmoud