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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Assessment of Trace Metal Distribution and Contamination in Surface Soils of Amman , JordanAl-Momani, Idrees F.
2010Atmospheric Deposition of Trace and Major Elements at a Rural Site in Northern JordanAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Ananbeh, Mohammad Ahmad Hassan
2015Capparis Decidua as a Green Inhibitor for Aluminum Corrosion in Different MediaAL-Qudah, Mahmoud A.; Al-Momani, Idrees F.; Hamaideh, Rasha Saleh Ibrahim
2010Chemical Characterization and Source Identification of Metals in Fine and Coarse Air Particles in Irbid Northern JordanAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Shatnawi, Wisam Mohammad Khaled
2011Determination of Trace Metals and Some Anions in Size Fractionated Aerosol Particles from Northern JordanAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Al-Sabbagh, Malik Izzat
2011Development of a New FIA Method for the Determination of Some CephalosporinsAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Thalji, Mohammad Rebhi
2002Heavy Metal Concentrations in Dry and Wet Atmospheric Deposits in Al-Hashimya, JordanAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Ya'coub, Abdel-Rahim A.
2008Quantification and Spatial Distribution of PAHs in the Vicinity of the Jordan Petroleum Refinery CompanyAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Mashriqi, Yousef Khaleel
2005Sequential Extraction of Heavy Metals in the Sediment of the Gulf of AqabaAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Rasheed, Mohammed; Al-Sayaheen, Mohammad Zaid
2004Spectrophotometric Determination of Selected Fluoroquinolones in Drug Formulations Using Flow Injection AnalysisAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Haj-Hussein, Amin T.; Tahtamouni, Amal N. M.
2005Spectrophotometric Determination of Some Tetracyclines in Drug Formulations Using Flow Injection AnalysisAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Kanan, Samer J. M.
2012The Chemical Speciation of Trace-Metals in Street Dusts of Irbid , JordanAlomary, Ahmed; Obeidat, Safwan M.; Attiyat, Abdulrahman S.; Massadeh, Adnan M.; Al-Monani, Talal M.; Al-Momani, Idrees F.