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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Catalytic Dimerization of Propene With a Bis ( Salicylaldiminato ) Nickel ( II ) Catalyst Using 2 , 4 , 6 - Trichlorophenol for Isomerization ReactionsAlt, Helmut G.; Schneider, Katharina J.; Gorl, Christian
2008Catalytic Dimerization of Propene With Dilminophophosphorane Nickel ( II ) Complexes in the Presence of Phrosphine AdditivesAlt, Helmut G.; Schneider, Katharina J.; Funk, Edith
2007Diimine Chromium Complexes as Catalyst Precursors for Homogeneous Ethylene PolymerizationKestel - Jakob, Alexandra; Alt, Helmut G.
2014Dinuclear Transition Metal Complexes Consisting of an ?-Diimine Complex Unit and a Half Sandwich Complex Unit as Dual Site Catalysts for the Polymerization of EthyleneAlshammari, Haif; Alt, Helmut G.
2008Halogen Substituted Bis ( Arylimino ) Pyridine Transition Metal Complexes as Catalysts for the Oligomerization and Polymerization of EthyleneSeitz, Marcus; Gorl, Christian; Milius, Wolfgang; Alt, Helmut G.
2009Like Phoenix From the Ashes ! Thermally Decomposed Metallocene Complexes as Catalysts for CH Activation ReactionsAlt, Helmut G.; Denner, Christiane E.; Taubmann, Sandra
2008Synthesis of Bis ( Phenoxyimine ) Zirconium Dichloride Complexes Containing Bromo , Iodo , or Alkynyl Substituted Phenoxyimine Ligands as Catalyst Precursors for the Polymerization of EthyleneGorl, Christian; Alt, Helmut G.
2014Transition Metal Complexes of Allylated ?-Diimines as Self-Immobilizing Catalysts for the Polymerization of EthyleneAlshammari, Haif; Alt, Helmut G.