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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A Comparative Study of Gender Markers in Jordanian Arabic and Modern Standard ArabicBader, Yousef; Al-Bzoor, Sami Hassan
2013A Contrastive Study of the Plural Formation in Standard English and Modern Standard ArabicBader, Yousef; Mardini, Manar N.
2017A Linguistic Analysis of Humour in algerian Arabic : The Case of "Sultan Ashur X" SitcomBader, Yousef; Omar, Hidaya Moulay
2016A Pragmatic Study of Multiple Meanings of Some Nouns in Jordanian ArabicBader, Yousef; Al-Slaim, Alaa Abdullah Mesleh
2018A Socio-Pragmatic Study of Facebook Birthday Greetings in Some Arab CountriesBader, Yousef; Mogbel, Omar
2012A Socio-Pragmatic Study of Humor as an Effective Political Tool : The Case of 2011 Egyptian RevoltBader, Yousef; Alkinj, Marwa Mahmoud
2017A Socio-pragmatic Study of Unreal Names Used on Social Media in JordanBader, Yousef; Al-Shboul, Salam
2016A Sociolinguestic Analysis of Comments Made by Male Students to Address Female University StudentsBader, Yousef; Alomri, Lana Hussien
2006A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Lexical and Grammatical Variations in the Dialect of Howarah-Madaba District (Jordan)Bader, Yousef; Al-Essa, Rima
2015A Sociolinguistic Study of Language Attitudes in AlgeriaBader, Yousef; Fakhet, Ibtissem
2015A Sociolinguistic Study of the Names of Some New Municipalities in JordanBader, Yousef; AL-Momani, Esraa Zaid
2012A Sociolinguistic Study of the Speech Act Insistence in Jordanian ArabicBader, Yousef; Al Zoubi, Mohammad Helal
2012A Sociolinguistic Study of the Terms of Address in Businesses in Jordanian ArabicBader, Yousef; Yousef, Heba Shawkat
2015A Study of Jordanian Proverbs Related to Food and EatingBader, Yousef; Migdadi, Hamzah Faleh
2004A Study of Linguistic Techniques in the Language of the Internet and Mobile TelephonesBader, Yousef; Al-Harahsheh, Ahmad Mohammad
2016A Study of Phonological Disorders among Hearing-Impaired Children in JordanBader, Yousef; Al-Dhoun, Layla Moh'd Jameel
2017A Study of Phonological Variation in Syrian Refugees' Speech in JordanBader, Yousef; Bani-Ali, Nosheen
2014A Study of Some Common Idioms in Jordanian ArabicBader, Yousef; Maayah, Alaa Kareem
2018Acoustic Analysis of Emphatic Sounds among Old Speakers of Jordanian ArabicBader, Yousef; Sawaftah, Ahmad Eqab
2004Addition and Loss of Some Vocabulary in Spoken Arabic in North JordanBader, Yousef; Al-Judeh, Ashjan Badri