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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Assessment of Possible Contamination of Ground Water Resources in the Vicinity of Yarmouk River, North Jordan with Major Ions and Selected Toxic Trace ElementsBanat, Khaled; Obeidat, Mutewekil; Al-Ibrahim, Rola Ahed
2011Chemical Quality of Drinking Water in Eastern Amman (Jordan)Banat, Khaled; Obeidat, Mutawakil; Abd Al-Hameed, Bayan Saleh
2007Chemical Quality of Drinking Water in Zarqa City : North East JordanBanat, Khaled; Magableh, Islam Mohammad
2000Geochemical Distribution of Toxic Heavy Metals in the Fuhais Soil Adjacent the Cement Plant : An Environmental ApproachBanat, Khaled; Al-Hamad, Abeer Abdul-Jabaar
1996Geochemical Petrographical and Mineralogical Investigations of the Soils of Irbid District (N Jordan) with Special Regard to Environmental Toxic Heavy MetalsBanat, Khaled; Jaradat, Rasheed Abedel Kareem
2003Geochemical Study of Selected Toxic Heavy Metals Associated with Oil Refinery in Al Hashimeya Area North JordanBanat, Khaled; Al-Shatnawi, Shereen Yousef
2003Geochemical Study of Selected Toxic Heavy Metals from the North Gohr Soils : An Environmental ApproachBanat, Khaled; To'mah, Mohammad Mahmoud
1992Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Petrography of the Travertine of Deir-Alla and Zerqa-Ma'in Hot Springs West JordanBanat, Khaled; Obeidat, Osamha
2007Hydrochemical Study of Groundwater in Jericho Area, from Jericho City to Bardalah (Eastern Palestine)Banat, Khaled; Kahla, Abd Al-Nasser Abdullah Nayef
1993Industrial Ealuation of Clays in Jordan with Special Reference to Bentonite for their Uses in Foundary Sand and Drilling MudBanat, Khaled; Sallam, Maysoon yousef
2006Mineralogy and Origin of Late Cretaceios - Early Tertiary Clays in the Midwestern Arabian Shield : Saudi Arabiaبنات، خالد; Banat, Khaled
1993Petrographical, Mineralogical and Geochemical Investigations of Wadi Es sir Carbonates, North JordanBanat, Khaled; Obeidat, Mutewekil Memdouh
2012Petrography, Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Hydrochemistry of Travertines and Associate Hot Springs in the Ma'in Area SW JordanBanat, Khaled; Al-Gharaibeh, Saherah Mahmoud
2011Petrology and Geochemistry of Zarqa-Ma'in Basalts and their Impact on the Water Chemistry of the Dead SeaBanat, Khaled; abu Jaber, Nizar; Obeidat, Amer Mahmoud
1995Sedimentology, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Qa' Khanna Basin (Playa) NE JordanBanat, Khaled; Abu Salha, Yousef Abdul Razzaq