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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001An Assessment of the Language Proficiency of Secondary Stage English as a Foreign Language Teachers in Ramtha Directorate of EducationBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Mustafa, Moshira Ghazi
2008An Evaluation of Jordan Opportunities 3 : Teachers' and Supervisors' PerspectivesBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Al-Jarrah, Jarrah Mhammad
2000An Evaluation of the Functional English Language Textbook for the Commercial First Secondary Class in JordanBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Magableh, Wafa Deafallah Mohammed
2009Cultural Aspects in Total English (Upper Intermediate Level) as Revealed by Content Analysis and Jordanian University Instructors' and Students' PerceptionsBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Qublan, Emad Khlaif Ahmed
2005Jordanian EFL University Students' Reading InterestsBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Shorman, Ra`ed Abdulgader
2009Listening Comprehension Processes, Strategies and Difficulties in Interactive Settings : A Case Study of Jordanian EFL StudentsBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Al Jamal, Ghadeer Abed Al-Hameid
2001Perceptions on Using English as the Medium of Instruction at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Yarmouk UniversityBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Ayasrah, Nisreen Ali
2015Saudi Students' Teachers' and Supervisors' Perceptions of the Cultural Gap in EFL Secondary Stage Curricula and Instructional PracticesBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Reshidi, Ali Eid Aboud
2008Supervisors' and Teachers' Perspectives of "UAE English Skills" Textbooks in Al Ain Educational Zone in the United Arab EmiratesBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Al-Muhasien, Mohammed Obeid Allah
2017The Effect of a Program Based on Thinking Maps and Multiple Intelligences on Improving Jordanian Tenth Grade Student's Critical and Creative Reading Skills in EnglishBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Alqatanani, Alaeddin Khaled
2016The Effect of a Teacher Training program Based on Dictogloss on Improving Jordanian EFL Learner's Writing PerformanceBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Bani Younis, Riyadh Ali Mohammad
2017The Effect of Communication Strategies Use on Jordanian EFL Learners' Oral PerformanceBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah; Al-Bzour, Wedad Khalid
2017The Effect of E-mailing and Instant Chatting on Jordanian EFL Students' Skimming Scanning Summarizing and Paraphrasing SkillsBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah Ahmad; Bani Khalaf, Kafa Mohammad
2018The Effect of Morphological Awareness on Jordanian EFL Tenth-Grade Students' Vocabulary Development and Reading ComprehensionBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Al-Kofeiri, Qasim Mahmoud
2017The Effect of Questioning Strategies on Jordanian Female Ninth Grade Students' Critical Reading SkillsBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Al-Shabatat, Maysa'a Issa Ibrahim
2015The Effect of Scaffolding Instruction and Portfolio Assessment on Improving Jordanian EFL Learners' Writing PerformanceBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Obeiah, Salameh F.
2008The Effect of the Think Aloud Strategy on Jordanian Eighth Grade Student's Reading ComprehensionBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Jarrah, Noha Suleiman Ali
2017The Effect of Two Learning Management Systems on Jordanian EFL University Students' Reading Comprehension and GrammarBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Mayyas, Mais Barjas Ibraheem
2008The Effect of Using Drama on Jordanian EFL Eighth Grade Students' Achievement in WritingBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Salah, Na'em Ali Ibrahim
2008The Effect of Word Boxes on Jordanian Second Grade Pupils' Spelling in EnglishBaniabdelrahman, Abdallah; Bataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Al-Mahdawi, Na'ela Jumah