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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A Biomechanical Investigation of Postcranial Skeletal Specimens of the People in Wadi FaynanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Asad, Rula Y.
1994An Anthropological Study of the Relationship Between Epidemiological and Socioeconomic Factors and the Prevalence of Tuberculosis in the Karak AreaEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Mahmoud, Mahmoud Ahmad Moh'd Said
2001Analysis of Human Dental Remains from Ya'amun : A Late Roman-Early Byzantine Site in Northern JordanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Al-Shiyab, Abdel-Halim; Morouj, Hamza Azmi Fahd
1997Cerebral Palsy : Cause and Variation in the Irbid DistrictEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Ezghair, Hind M.
1990Characteristics of Patients with Breast Cancer in JordanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Halloush, Reham M.
1997Consanguinity and its Negative Health Effects in Northern Jordan ValleyEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Tayyem, Muna Ahmad Mohammad
1999Dental Anthropology of the Yasileh People : A Classical Site in Northern JordanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Khwaileh, Ali Mahmud
1998Factors Affecting Low Birth Weight Among New Born Babies in Northern Jordan : A Comparative Anthropological StudyEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Al-Horani, Saif EL-Deen Sami M.
1994Factors Affecting Permanent Teeth Eruption in Northern JordanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Al-Maabrah, Emad Ahmad Ali
1997Human Skeletal Biology of the People of Yasileh for Season 1998 : A Late Roman Early Byzantine Site in Northern JordanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Khalil, Nibal Tayseer
1999Nutritional Effect on Children's Growth up to 82 Months : An Anthropological Study in Ajlun District : Ibbin-IbbilinEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Momani, Mohammad Abdullah A.
2004Preliminary Report on the 2003 Field Season at YaamunEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; C.Rose, Jerome; Turshan, Nizar; L.Burke, Dolores; Burke, Dolores L.
1995Subsistence and Diet of Ain Ghazal Inhabitants of Inferred from the Analysis of Human DentitionEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Sarie, Issa Jubrael Jaber
2003Tell Yamun : The 2002 SeasonC . Rose, Jerome; El-Najjar, Mahmoud; Turshan, Nizar; Hunton 2, Charles; Rolf, Kimberly
1995The Effect of Nutritional and Hereditary Anemia on Bones : A Comparative Anthropological StudyEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Khadrawi, Enas Yousif