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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Comparative Analysis of Late Capital Hegemony in J. M. Coetzee's "Diary of a Bad Year", Mohsin Hamid's "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" and Aravind Adiga's "The White Tiger"Hammad, Lamia K.; Al-Mazawdeh, Mohammad K.
2014A Critical Reading of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go and the Remains of the DayHammad, Lamia K.; Al-Na'eem, Lana Sulaiman
2015Globalization as World Order in Aravind Adiga's the White Tiger Indra Sinha's Animal's People and Mohsin Hamid's Moth SmokeHammad, Lamia K.; Aljdaitawi, Abdallah Faisal
2016Identity Crisis and Cultural Hybridity in LailaHalaby's West of the Jordan Susan Darraj's the Inheritance of Exile : Stories from South Philly and Yusef El-Guindi's our Enemies Lively Scenes of Love and CombatHammad, Lamia K.; Ababneh, Zeinab Sh.
2016Identity Crisis in Caribbean Women's Fiction : A Study of Michelle Cliff's no Telephone to Heaven Erna Brodber's Myal and Jamaica Kincaid's LucyHammad, Lamia K.; Alkhaza'aleh, Ala'a Odetallah
2015Identity Crisis in Mohsin Hamid's the Reluctant Fundamentalist and Jhumpa Lahiri's the NamesakeHammad, Lamia K.; Hamdouni, Hamza
2014Marriage in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Selected NovelsHammad, Lamia K.; Assabbagh, Leen Hasan
2017Mimicry and Re-Orientalism : A Study of the Representation of Islam in Lakhous's Divorce Islamic Style and Ziervogel's KautharHammad, Lamia K.; Assabaa, Ibtihel
2013Ngugi wa Thiong'o Revisited : A Postcolonial Study of Three Selected NovelsHammad, Lamia K.; Arab, Samir Djillali
2016Racism and Identity Crisis in the Post 9/11 Arab American FictionHammad, Lamia K.; Dar-Khalil, Aseel K.
2015Resistance and Normalization in Sahar Khalifeh's Wild Thorns and Chinua Achebe's Things Fall ApartHammad, Lamia K.; Fasfous, Mousa Ibraheem
2016The Clash of Culture in Reconstructing the Nigerian Identity : A Postcolonial Study of Three Selected Novels by Nogozi AdichieHammad, Lamia K.; Al Ahmad, Muhammad Qasim
2017The Quest for Meaning in Nihilistic and Religious Worlds in Don Delillo's Point Omega and Tim Lahaye and Greg Dinallo's Babylon RisingHammad, Lamia K.; Nouioua, Wafa
2013The Representation of Cruelty and Solidarity in Chris Cleave's Incendiary and Little BeeHammad, Lamia K.; Suliman, Ahmad Naim
2012The Representation of the Second Wife in F. Faqir's Pillars of Salt and A. Djebar's a Sister to ScheherazadeHammad, Lamia K.; Issa, Heba Abdullah Abdelkareem