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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987A Comparison Between the Inductive Method and the Deductive Method in Teaching English Reported Questions to Eleventh Graders in JordanHussein, Riyad F.; Abu Housh, Ewayyed Awad Hassan
1995A Comparison of Various EFL Vocabulary Learning Strategies among Tenth GradersHussein, Riyad F.; Abu Khadrah, Qutaiba Ahmad Ibrahim
1997A Contrastive Study of Apologizing Strategies Between Native Speakers of Jordanian Arabic and Native Speakers of American EnglishHussein, Riyad F.; Hammouri, Ma'moun Tayseer
1994Acquisition of Collocational Terms by Students of First and Second Secondary ClassHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Momani, Asma Yusuf
1992An Analysis of Syntactic Errors in the Compositions of Jordanian Tenth Grade StudentsHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Khataybeh, Majid Mohammad
1993An Evaluation of English Teachers Guides of the Secondary Cycle in JordanHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Salah, Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Husein
1994An Evaluation of English Training Programme Held by Yarmouk University and its Effect on the Gain of Tawjihi Students of English StructuresHussein, Riyad F.; Ibrahim, Ola Shaker Oklah
1992An Evaluation of the EFL Teachers' Attitudes Toward Teaching English at the Secondary StageHussein, Riyad F.; Mahmoud, Faiq Mahmoud Mohammad
1989An Investigation of the Effect of Cognitive Questioning Level on the Reading Comprehension Achievement of Eleventh GradersHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Nayef, Mohammed Ahmed
1995Coherence and Cohesion in theWritings of English Majors at Yarmouk UniversityHussein, Riyad F.; Masadeh, Thougan Saleem Yakoub
2001Dictionary Usage Skills by English as a Foreign Language Learners at Yarmouk UniversityHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Khub, Waleed Sameeh Mahmoud
1997Gender Differences in Using English Language Learning Strategies by Eleventh Graders in JordanHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Omari, Omaima Ahmad
1991Inductive Method and Deductive Method in Teaching English Conditional SentencesHussein, Riyad F.; Obaidat, Hamzeh Abdallah Azzam
2008Measuring EFL Teachers' Knowledge of Communicative Language Teaching Approach and Practices in Jordanian Public SchoolsHussein, Riyad F.; Alkayat, Ali Sabah Jameel
1995Needs Analysis of English at the Medical School in the Jordan University of Science and TechnologyHussein, Riyad F.; Qasymeh, Yousef A. Gh.
1992Problems of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Jordanian Secondary Schools as Perceived by TeachersHussein, Riyad F.; Bani-Hani, Nedal Awwad Naif
1987The Effect of Background Knowledge on Reading ComprehensionHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Qudah, Falah Mustafa AbdAllah
2002The Effect of Background Knowledge on the Tenth and First Secondary Graders' Reading ComprehensionHussein, Riyad F.; Jahjah, Lubna Abdullah Ali
1992The Effect of Selected Prewriting Activities on the Quantity and Quality of First Year Students' Compositions in Vocational Training CentersHussein, Riyad F.; El-Abed, Wasef Mohammad Yosef
1995The Relationship Between Linguistics Proficiency and Listening Comprehension in English Amongst Tenth Graders in JordanHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Jamal, Mohammad Ali