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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19931,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Substituted Benzyl AzidesJibril, Ibrahim; Al-Shahateet, Selhi Faisal
20011,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Substituted Benzyl Azides With Tran Dibenzoylethylene : Thermally Stable Triazoles Versues Unstable TriazolinesAbu-Orabi, Sultan; Yousef, Yaser; Jibril, Ibrahim; Shahateet, Sulhi
1998Organic Transformation Reactions of Organoiron Thio-Terephthaloyl Chloride ComplexJibril, Ibrahim; Abd-Alhadi, Emad Hussein
1989Part 1 : Synthesis and Characterization of [Fe(ButC5H4)(CO)2]2 and [Fe(1,3-di-ButC5H3)(CO)2]2 and the S-Bounded Thiocarboxylate Derivatives of Fe(ButC5H4)(CO)2SCOR and Fe(1,3-di-ButC5H3)(CO)2SCOR. Part 2 : Co-Substitution Reactions of Fe(C5H5)(CO)2SCOR, Fe(ButC5H4)(CO)2SCOR and Fe(1,3-di-ButC5H3)(CO)2SCOR by EPh3 (E = P, as and Sb)El-Hinnawi, Mahmoud; Jibril, Ibrahim; El-Khateeb, Mohammad
1996Reactions of Complexed Acid Chlorides of Organoiron Thio-and Seleno-Carboxylate DerivativesJibril, Ibrahim; Omar, Juhaina Tawfiq
2009Synthesis , Characterization and Reactions of CpFe(CO)2EZ , E=S , Se. Z=COR , SO2R, CO2R , C(s)OR , CS2PH , COCO2REl-Khateeb, Mohammad; Jibril, Ibrahim
1993Synthesis and Characterization of Cyclopentadienyl Iron Selenocarboxylate ComplexesJibril, Ibrahim; Abu-Nimreh, Osama Fathi
1996Synthesis and Characterization of Organoiron Chalcogen ComplexesJibril, Ibrahim; Al-Sheik, Adeeb Khalid
1990Synthesis and Reactions of 13 - DI - Tert - Butyl - Cyclopentadientl Titanium (IV) ChloridesJibril, Ibrahim; Klaib, Sami A.
1998Synthesis and Reactivity of Organo Iron Seleno-Terephtheloyl Chloride ComplexJibril, Ibrahim; Hamadah, Zuhair Ibrahim R.
1995Synthesis and Study of 1H-1,2,3-Triazoles and their CyclizationsAbu-Orabi, Sultan; Jibril, Ibrahim; Abu-Shandi, Khaled Hamad
2006Synthesis of a New Series of Organoiron Seleno - Carboxylate Derivatives CpFe ( Co)2 SeCo (C6 H4 ) Cox ( X = Rnh , RRN , RS , RCOO )Jibril, Ibrahim; Hamadah, Zuhair
2008Synthesis of Some 1,2,4- Triazolyl -1,2,3 - Triazole Derivatives : 1,3 - Dipolar Cycloaddition ReactionAbu-Orabi, Sultan T.; Abu-Naaj, Nuha A.; Klaib, Sami; Al-Momani, Loay; Jibril, Ibrahim
1995Synthesis, Study and Reactions of Isoxazole and Isoxazoline Compounds Via 1,3 - Dipolar Cycloadditions of Aromatic Nitrile OxidesAbu-Orabi, Sultan; Jibril, Ibrahim; Al-Momani, Lo'ay Ahmad