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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A Comparative Study of the Ammonite, Moabite and Edomite Deities in JordanKafafi, Zeidan; Al-Ghul, Omar; Han, Dong Hee
2009A Preliminary Report on the 1996 - 2004 Exeavations at Tell Deir AllaKafafi, Zeidan
2011A Preliminary Report on the Results of Excavations at Tell Dayr Alla Region : Fields 81 and 27Kafafi, Zeidan
1995Ain GhazalKafafi, Zeidan; Rollefson, Gary
1987Ain Ghazal Archaeological Survey , 1987Kafafi, Zeidan; Simmons, A.
1995Ain Ghazal Excavations , 1995Kafafi, Zeidan; Rollefson, Gary
2003Archaeological and Philological Remains of the Neo-Assyrian Empire in the Southern Levant : A General SurveyKafafi, Zeidan; Lee, Ji-Young Park
1998Conference on the history and Archaeology of jordanDollfus, Genevieve; Kafafi, Zeidan
1996Cultural Heritage , Yours , Mine , And OursKafafi, Zeidan; Zink, Freidrich
2016|Excavations at Tell Damiyah, 2015Kafafi, Zeidan
2002Excavations at Tell Dier Alla and Tell Hammeh 2000Kooij, Gerrit Vander; Kafafi, Zeidan
1990Feild Reports and Studies : the Fourth Season of Excavations at Abu ThawaabIbrahim, Muawiyah; Kafafi, Zeidan; Qadi, Nabil
1998Field ProjectsKooij, Gerrit vander; Kafafi, Zeidan
1986First Season Of Joint Excavations At Abu HamidDollfus, Genevieve; Kafafi, Zeidan
1998Joint Projects : PointviewsKafafi, Zeidan
2009Megalithic Jordan an Intrduection and Field Guide . Book ReviewKafafi, Zeidan
1995Pottery Kilns in Jordan : An Ethnoarchaeological StudyKafafi, Zeidan; Melkawi, Ansam Ousama Ahmad
1996Processes of Urbanization in Jordan : Example from Jebel Abu ThawwabKafafi, Zeidan
2010ٌResults of The 2009 Season of Excavations AT Tall Deir Alla and tall Al-Hammeh jordan ValleyKafafi, Zeidan; Kooij, Geerrit van der
1996Spinning and Weaving Activities at Abu Hamid as Inferred from the Study of Perforated ObjectsKafafi, Zeidan; Ali, Nabil Abdul Rahman M.