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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Critical Assessment of the Translation Strategies and Semantic Errors in Tamimi's Translation of Abulhawa's Novel 'Mornings in Jenin'Kanakri, Mahmoud; Shamout, Amami Amin Mustafa
2015A Stylistic Analysis of Impoliteness in Dramatic Dialogues in Harold Pinter's the Caretaker (1960)Kanakri, Mahmoud; Alodeh, Abdallah Ahmad
2015An Annotated Translation of the English Novel "Old Yeller" from English into ArabicKanakri, Mahmoud; Hijazat, Rawan Ayoub
2016An Assessment of Strategies Adopted in Translating Selected Chapters of Atwans's Memoir : A Country of Words into ArabicKanakri, Mahmoud; Talafha, Wala' Faris
2016Challenges of Translating Sport Idioms from English into Arabic by M. A. Translation StudentsKanakri, Mahmoud; Mohammad, Razan
2017Children's Literature in Translation : Problems and SolutionsKanakri, Mahmoud; Titi, Yaman Muhammad
2018Critical Discourse Analysis of Selected Letters by Nelson Mandela from his Prison in Robben IslandKanakri, Mahmoud; Abu Allan, Ekhlass
2014Google Translate and Ambiguous StructuresKanakri, Mahmoud; Ayyad, Mohammad Abdelraouf
2012Problems in Translating Jordanian Soccer Cheers and Chants into EnglishKanakri, Mahmoud; AL-Zarieni, Manal Mahmoud
2010Prototypes of Code-Switching in the Speech of Romanian / Arabic Bilinguals in JordanKanakri, Mahmoud; Lonescu, Violeta
2018Sluicing and Standard ArabicKanakri, Mahmoud
2017The Impact of Intertextuality on Translating Mahmoud Darwish's PoetryKanakri, Mahmoud; AlTalafha, Zahraa Marwan
2017The Impact of Post-Colonial Translation Upon the Reader's Emotive ResponseKanakri, Mahmoud; Al-Motlaq, Dana Mohammad Mahmoud
2013The Pragmatic Functions of Simile in the Glorious Qur'anKanakri, Mahmoud; Rawashdeh, Ahmad
2018The Speech Act of Swearing in Jordanian Arabic : A Socio-pragmatic StudyKanakri, Mahmoud; Ramadan, Hana Abdalla
2016The Translatability of Metaphor in Political Speeches from English into ArabicKanakri, Mahmoud; Al-Zou'bi, Amal Ibraheem
2014The Translatability of Proverbs that Pertain to Men Used in Jordanian Spoken ArabicKanakri, Mahmoud; Rababah, Safaa Muhammad
2012The Translatability of Some Slogans Used in the Syrian Revolution During the so Called "The Arabic Spring"Kanakri, Mahmoud; Al-Dagamseh, Wala' Mohammad
2013The Translatability of the Jordanian Drama "Muwatin Hasab Ittalab" from Arabic into EnglishKanakri, Mahmoud; Alsmadi, Wala' Ziad
2016Translatability of Arabic Weather and Climate Proverbs and Sayings into EnglishKanakri, Mahmoud; Alzyout, Rania Mustafa