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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Artistic Creativity and Deconstructive Thought in the Virginia WoolfKharbutli, Mahmoud; Jarbou, Samir Omar
2003Cultural Critique in Selected Works of Chinua AchebeKharbutli, Mahmoud; Al-Dagamseh, Abdullah Mohammad L.
2011Difficulties Faced by MA Translation Students at Yarmouk University in Rendering Arabic Administrative Circulars into EnglishKharbutli, Mahmoud; Al-Fedawi, Mazen Mohammad Kuzeed
2005Elements of English Romanticism in Nazik Al-Malaika's Poetry : A Study in InfluenceKharbutli, Mahmoud; Daraiseh, Sawsan Ahmad Jabr
1995Evolution and Ndividuation of Eliza Doolittle Shaw's self Dramatization in PygmalionEl-Tal, Khalaf Daifallah; Kharbutli, Mahmoud
1995Images of Motherhood : A Feminist Study of Thomas Hardy's Short FictionKharbutli, Mahmoud; Khreis, Sura Mouhammad Ahmad
2011Irony in Translation : A Case Study of Yousef Ghishan's ArticlesKharbutli, Mahmoud; Al Qudah, Ali Abdullah
2003Men in Search of Identity in Three Dickenslan NovelsKharbutli, Mahmoud; Al-Zou'bi, Ma'moun Falah Issa
2011Men in Search of Identity in Three Marlovean PlaysRamadan, Susanne; Kharbutli, Mahmoud; Al-Smadi, Tahani
2005Nationalism in Selected Literary Works of William Butler Yeats and James JoyceKharbutli, Mahmoud; Al-Omari, Raed Mohammad M.
2010Psychological Disorders in Derek Walcott's Plays Dream on Monkey Mountain and Malcochon, or The Six in the RainKharbutli, Mahmoud; Shesha'a, Rania
1989Qur'anic Metaphors in TranslationKharbutli, Mahmoud; El-Omari, Laila Muhammad
1997Science Fiction : Science Philosophy and Artistry in Aldous HuxleyKharbutli, Mahmoud; Yousef, Osama Abdul-Rahman
2003The Dangers of Science as Presented in Modern Science FictionKharbutli, Mahmoud; Alabdul Razzaq, Muhammad Ahmad Talib
1995The Emotional Patterns of Family Relationships in Hemingway's Short StoriesKharbutli, Mahmoud; Hammad, Lamia Khalil Nayef
1996The Experience of Alienation in Confessional and Autobiographical LiteratureKharbutli, Mahmoud; Mwajeh, Ziad O.
2011Women as Doubly Oppressed Under Colonization : A Study of Four Novels by Ngugi Wa Thiong'oKharbutli, Mahmoud; Tuweiq, Susan Salem