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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995A Study of Jordanian Clays as Catalyst Supports in Some Chemical ReactionsMahmoud, Sabri S.; Noufal, Yasin "Mohammad Hussein"
1996Catalytic Cracking of Propane Over Some Supported Transition MetalsMahmoud, Sabri S.; Abdul-Rahman, Rafat A.
2005Catalytic Hydrolysis of CFC-12 Over Chromium (III) OxideHammoudeh, Ayman; Mahmoud, Sabri S.; Humaidi, Jamal Ragheb Mohammed
2004Catalytic Hydrolysis of CFC-12 Over Metal OxidesHammoudeh, Ayman; Mahmoud, Sabri S.; Abduwahed, Huda Abdul Rehman
1995Jordanian Natural Clays as Catalysts in the De-tert-Butylation of Some Phenol Derivatives : The Effect of Acid Treatment and Metal LoadingMahmoud, Sabri S.; Saleh, Sadiq A.; Sara, Ziyad Ahmad Jaber
2004Selective Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde Over Salt-Promoted Pd-Based CatalystsHammoudeh, Ayman Y.; Mahmoud, Sabri S.; Sa'ada, Shireen
1997Synthesis and Characterization of Some Sol-Gel CatalystsMahmoud, Sabri S.; Sheikha, Osama Ibraheem
1996The Catalytic Properties of Some Metallic Alloys Prepared by Impregnation and Chemical PrecipitationMahmoud, Sabri S.; Odeh, Ibrahim M.; Ayoub, Rita Issa Numeir
1997The De-Tert-Butylation of Some Substituted Aromatic Compounds by Jordanian Natural Clays : The Substituent Effect on Catalytic ActivityMahmoud, Sabri S.; Abu Al-Haija', Mohammad Jehad Ali
1997The Effect of ACID and Thermal Pretreatments on the Catalytic Activity of Jordanian BentoniteMahmoud, Sabri S.; Hamoudeh, Ayman; Al-No'amei, Mousa Za'al Qasem