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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A Sociopragmatic Study of Conversation in Jordanian Arabic : Turn-Taking and InterruprionShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Bitar, Osama
1996A Study in the Translation of Some Quranic Verses Including Ironic Expressions into EnglishShunnaq, Abdullah; Muhaidat, Fatima Muhammed
2001A Study of the Translation of Humor in Sitcoms on JTV Channel TwoShunnaq, Abdullah; Abu-Mallouh, Areej Ahmad
2010An Assessment of As-Safi's Translation of Catford's a Linguistic Theory of Translation into Arabic : A Terminological PerspectiveShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Azzam, Abed Al-Majeed
2012An Assessment of the Translation of the International Computer Driving License Guide (ICDL) into ArabicShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Zaareer, Zainab Faiz
2007Analysis of the Speech Act of warning in Jordan Arabic and American EnglishShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Omari, Yousef
1999Arabicization of Computer Science TermsShunnaq, Abdullah; Zayed, Niveen Mohammed
2005Assessment of Anani's Translation of Shakespeare's : The Merchant of Venice : A Cultural PerspectiveShunnaq, Abdullah; Athamneh, Nasser; Al-Omar, Muhammad Khair Hussein Ali
2014Baria Ahmar's Translation of Functional Repetition in Mostaghanemi's Memory in the Flesh into EnglishShunnaq, Abdullah; Abualhija, Niveen Osama
2009Cohesive Devices in Translating the English Guardian Newspaper's EditorialsShunnaq, Abdullah; Shanbor, Rasha Mohammad Hassan
1995Collocation in TranslationShunnaq, Abdullah; Malkawi, Oraib Kamil Hamid
2011Cultural Obstacles Encountered by YU MA Translation Students in Translating Bouteflika's Sayings and Proverbs into EnglishShunnaq, Abdullah; Oudainia, Borhane
2017Difficulties in Translating Cultural Expressions in Hind Khlifat's Niswan Nus KumShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Zou'bi, Mariam Bader
2001Formal Lexical Repetition in Translation : A Case StudyShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Tayyan, Ahlam Mohammed Ibrahim
1998Functional Repetition in Some Political Speeches of H. M. King Hussein with Reference to Arabic \ English TranslationShunnaq, Abdullah; Nusir, Feras Mohammad Fawzy
2006Humour in Jordanian Arabic and British English : A Socio-Pragmatic PerspectiveShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Zoubi, Elham Ismail
2016Incongruence in Translating Al Jasser's "ليتني امرأة عادية" "I Wish I were an Ordinary Woman" due to Religious and Cultural ExpressionsShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Mubarak, Rana Awni
2003Incongruity in Translating Islamic Court Documents from Arabic into EnglishShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Ramadan, Rai'dah Ibrahim
1999Lexical Ellipsis in Arabic-English TranslationShunnaq, Abdullah; Muhammed, Luqman Hussein
2011Lexical Gaps in Translating the Day of Judgment Terms in the Holy Qur'anShunnaq, Abdullah; Obaid, Ibrahim Mousa