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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A Comparison of Linguistic Quantity Syntactic Complexity and Grammatical Accuracy Between Face to Face and Online Conversations by Native and Non-Native Speakers of English Pedagogical ImplicationsSmadi, Oqlah; Khasawneh, Abdelkareem
1995A Constrastive Study of Politeness Strategies Between Native Speakers of Jordanian Arabic and Native Speakers of British English (Responding to Compliments)Smadi, Oqlah; Abu Hantash, Suheir Mustafa
1996A Contrastive Analysis of the Reading Miscues and Retelling Comprehension of Jordanian Tenth Graders in English and Arabic in IrbidSmadi, Oqlah; Mohammad, Ahmad Morshed Said
1997A Contrastive Study of the Use of Cohesive Devices in the English and Arabic Writings of the EFL Teachers Enrolled in Thein-Service Teachers' Certification Program at Jordanian Public UniversitiesSmadi, Oqlah; Tawalbeh, Tha'er Easa Ahmad
2017A Study of the Strategies of Suggestion Used by Jordanian and American Undergraduate University Students and Designing Relevant Pedagogical ContentSmadi, Oqlah; Moohammed, Rana Saeed
1998American University Students Beliefs About Arabic Language LearningSmadi, Oqlah; Abd al-Haqq, Fawwaz
1996An Analysis of the Initiation and Development of the Topic Sentence in the Writing of Junior English Majors at Jordanian Public UniversitiesSmadi, Oqlah; Khassawneh, Moyasser Mohammad Salem
2002An Evaluation of Action Pack : Teachers' and Supervisors' PerspectivesSmadi, Oqlah; Alomari, Bilal Mohammad Ahmad
2002An Evaluation of the TEFL Situation in Jordan : Peace Corps Volunteers' PerspectivesSmadi, Oqlah; Bany Younes, Zuhoor Mohammed
1999An Investigation of the Impact of Type and a Mount of Teacher- Talk at the First Secondary Grade in JordanSmadi, Oqlah; Mohammad, Amel Izzat Jaber
1998Assessing Jordanian Tenth Graders' Proficiency Using an English Communicative TestSmadi, Oqlah; Abu Hamdeh, Oba Talal Hatem
1997Assessing Students' Receptivity to their Instructors' Responses in their Foreign Language Writing at Both Public and Private Universities in JordanSmadi, Oqlah; Bani Younis, Riyadh Ali Mohammad
1996Assessing the Reading Comprehension Skills of the Basic Stage Exemplified by the Tenth Graders in JordanSmadi, Oqlah; Al Omari, Abdulkarim Ali Hussein
2009Designing a Computer - Assisted Language Learning Program (CALL) and Measuring its Effect on Jordanian Secondary School Students ' Reading Comprehension in EnglishSmadi, Oqlah; Al Abdel Halim, Ali Qasem
2008Designing an Instruction Program and Measuring its Effect on Jordanian EFL University Students' Achievement in English CollocationsSmadi, Oqlah; ِAbabneh, Sana"Mohammed Omar"
2009Designing an Instructional Programme and Measuring its Effect on Jordanian Secondary Stage Students' Learning of Politeness StrategiesSmadi, Oqlah; Shrouf, Fayzeh Mohammad
2009Developing an ESL Writing Portfolio for Jordanian Tenth Grade Students Enrolled in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and Measuring its Effect on their Writing PerformanceSmadi, Oqlah; Al-Nethami, Zein Khalid
2003EFL Instructors' Practices for Writing Assessment in Jordanian UniversitiesSmadi, Oqlah; Al-Omari, Eman Yahia Nawaf
2003Evaluation of the EFL Program in the Pioneer Centers from the Students' and Teachers' PerspectivesSmadi, Oqlah; Al-Khateeb, Ibrahim 'Mohammad Ali'
2016Jordanian EFL Ninth Grade Teachers Perceived and Actual Use of the Teacher's Book : Building a Training Program that Aligns with its GuidelinesSmadi, Oqlah; Al-Kharabsheh, Mohammad Zaher