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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A Comparative Study of Cohesion and Coherence in Translation of William Gelding's Novel "Lord of the Flies"Wardat, Mahmud; Hamam, Laila Yaqoub
2005A Pragmatic Analysis of Jordanian Arabic and American English Refusal StrategiesWardat, Mahmud; Khwaileh, Fadwa Ahmad Hammoud
2015A Socio-Pragmatic Study of Parent-Child Interactions in Jordanian ArabicWardat, Mahmud; Alkhateeb, Omar Mohammed Khair Mohammed
2016A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Idioms in Three Nineteenth Century British NovelsWardat, Mahmud; Al-Bo'ul, Maram
2005A Sociolinguistic Study of Graffiti in JordanWardat, Mahmud; Al-Rousan, Rafat M.
2007A Sociolinguistics Study of Female Nicknames in Al-Kourah District in JordanWardat, Mahmud; Al-Refai, Firas M.
2006A Sociopragmatic Analysis of Agreement in Jordanian Arabic American EnglishWardat, Mahmud; Obeidat, Manar
2006American Ideologies on Satellite TV Channels : A Critical Discourse AnalysisWardat, Mahmud; Al-Daoud, Mowafaq M. A.
2016Code Mixing in MBC1 Series : AlmasageelWardat, Mahmud; Al-Qahtani, Abdullah
2013Implicit Compliments in Jordanian ArabicWardat, Mahmud; Al-Batayneh, Hussein Hameed
2009Intertextuality in Translating Political Texts in Jordanian NewspapersWardat, Mahmud; Shadafan, Neveen Salem
2007Problems in English-Arabic Translation of Appliance ManualsWardat, Mahmud; Abandah, Rula Radwan
2011Provisional Agreement of Intent for Car-Accident Tribal Reconciliation in North Jordan : A Socio-Pragmatic StudyWardat, Mahmud; Shehadeh, Muhammad Saeed
2005The Semantic Functions of the Vocative in the Holy QuranWardat, Mahmud; Badarneh, Mohammad A.
2010Translatability of Allah's Perfect Names into EnglishWardat, Mahmud; Alghoul, Iman Naeem
2010Translatability of Collocations in the Prophetic Traditions into EnglishWardat, Mahmud; Sharayree, Taqwa Ahmad
2007Translating Death Announcements in Saudi, American and British NewspapersWardat, Mahmud; Alshalaan, Ibrahim A.
2010Translational Problems of Figurative Language in Advertising HeadlinesWardat, Mahmud; Abuzaid, Noor Nabil