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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A Sociolinguistic Study of Ethnic Minorities in JordanZughoul, Muhammad Raji; Jaradat, Abdullah Ahmed
1988Lexical and Syntactic Problems in Consecutive and Simultaneous Translation from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English : An Error Analysis AproachZughoul, Muhammad Raji; Shudooh, Yusuf Muhammad Ibraheem
1983Linguistic Analysis of the English Loanwords in Journalistic Jordanian Arabic as Read by an Educated Native Speaker of ArabicZughoul, Muhammad Raji; EL-Khalil, Talal Mohammad Mahmoud
2005Loanwords in Journalistic Arabic in YemenZughoul, Muhammad Raji; Othman, Mohammad Moqbill Ismael
1996Problems of Translating Quranic Colour Terms and Expressions into EnglishZughoul, Muhammad Raji; Khudair, Mahdi Jaleel
1989Teaching English Adjectives to Arabic-Speaking Learners of English as a Foreign Language a Contrast-Error Analysis StudyZughoul, Muhammad Raji; Al-Naimi, Fowzeh Ahmad
1999The Linguistic Situation of Gypsies and Turkmans as Ethnic Minorities Living in Jordan : A Sociolinguistic PerspectiveZughoul, Muhammad Raji; Moawwad, Kamel Muhammad Zuhdi
2008The Translatability of Administrative and Governmental Terminologies from Arabic into English and English into ArabicZughoul, Muhammad Raji; ALzou'bi, Ali Abbas Falah
2004The Translatability of the Egyptian Colloquial Dialogue into English : A Case Study of Latifa Al-Zayyat's Novel the Open DoorZughoul, Muhammad Raji; Al-Sulaiman, Mahdi Ahmad