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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Empirical Test of the Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure of Industrial Companies Listed in Gulf Cooperation Council Stock MarketsZurigat, Ziad; Magableh, Ali; Abualhija, Mohammad
2012Gap Management in Commerical Banks : The Case of Saudi ArabiaAl-Mwalla, Mona; Zurigat, Ziad; Al-Boali, Mahmoud Ibrahim
2015Optimal Cash Holdings and Firm Structure : The Case of Jordanian Industrial Firms Listed on the Amman Stock ExchangeZurigat, Ziad; Gharaibeh, Mohammad; Al-Khateeb, Adel Waheed
2015Testing the Partial Adjustment Model of Target Capital Structure in GCC Stock ExchangesZurigat, Ziad; Gharaibeh, Mohammad; Abu-Dalu, Daher M.
2013The Determinants of Optimal Debt Maturity Structure for Jordanian Industrial CorporationsGharaibeh, Mohammad; Zurigat, Ziad; Ayyad, Muwaffaq Majid
2019The Effect of Cash Flows on the Speed of Capital Structure Adjustment : Evidence from Amman Stock ExchangeZurigat, Ziad; Gharaiabeh, Mohammad; Al-Malkawi, Dema
2012The Effect of Ownership Structure on Dividends Policy in Jordanian CompaniesZurigat, Ziad; Al-Harahsheh, Khaled Ali Falah
2018The Impact of Board Composition on Corporate Dividends Pay-out : An Empirical Examination of Industrial Companies Listed on the Amman Stock ExchangeGharaibeh, Mohammad; Zurigat, Ziad; Bataineh, Asmaa Atef
2014The Impact of Corporate Governance on Cash Flows Sensitivity to Cash in Amman Stock ExchangeZurigat, Ziad; Gharaibeh, Mohammad; AL-Zenati, Amal Mohammed
2012The Impact of Corporate Strategy on Capital Structure : Empirical Evidence from JordanGharaibeh, Mohammad; Zurigat, Ziad; Abu Hejleh, Olla Ibrahim
2014The Impact of Financial Constraints on Inventory Investment : Empirical Study from JordanGharaibeh, Mohammad; Zurigat, Ziad; Ananbeh, Ra'd Soliman Salem
2015Understanding the Behavior of Financial Ratios the Adjustment Process Evidence from Amman Stock Exchange During the Period 2002-2013Zurigat, Ziad; Gharaibeh, Mohammad; AL-Quraan, Leena M.