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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20151 , 2 - Ethylidene bridged bis - ( benzimidazolyl , benzothiazolyl , and benzoxazolyl ) transition metal complexes as catalysts for ethylene polymerizationAlt, Helmut G; Elagab, Hamdi Ali
20011 , 3 - Dipolar cycloaddition reactions of organic azides with 1,4 - benzoquinonesSaleh, Maysaa Mahmoud /ِAbu Orabi , Sultan A.
19891. Indirect spectrophotometric determination of fluoride in water ... 2. Determination of naphazoline nitrate and antazolinesulphate ...Al-Mumani , Idris Falih /Haj Hussein , Amin T
19871.Synthesis of some dimethylsilyl bis-enol ethers 2.conformational analysis of someCIS-2,3,6,7-teteramethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoxalineAbdel-Rahman, Hisham N.H.
2017-06-18111111111, 1111
199815 Years of Archaeological Reasearch at khirbet edh-Dharithal-Muhaysin, Zaydun
20091st Order Derivative Spectrophotometry Determination of Sertraline in Pharmaceutical Tablets by P-Chloranilic Acidal-Qahtani, Yusuf F.; al-Warthan, Abd al-Rahman A.; al-Tamrah, Saad A.
20073 , 3 , 4 , 4 - Tetraethoxybutyne : An Excellent Starting Material for the Synthesis of Range of Functionalized CompoundsSydnes, Leiv K.; Holmelid, Bjarte; Valdersnes, Stig; Sengee, Myagmarsuren; Boman, Kjartan
1986A Brief Note On New Palaeolithic Sites In Southren Jordanal-Muhaysin, Mujahid
2014A Chronotopic Reading of Eugene O'Neill's the Icceman ComethRamin, Zohreh; Javanian, Mohammad Reza Hassanzadeh
2013A Class of Primary SubsemimodulesRao, P. V. Srinivasa; Siva Mala, M.
2017A Class of Ratio-Cum-Ratio-Type Exponential Estimators for Population Mean With Sub Sampling The Non-RespondentsPal, Surya K; Singh, Housila P
2011A Comparison of Density Functional and Coupled-Cluster Theories for the Equilibrium Properties of Valence Excited Electronic States: Spectroscopic Constants of DiatomicsSinnokrot, Mutasem Omar; Sherrill, C . David; Cohen, R . D
2012A Comparospm pf SEM-Eds With ICP-OES for the Quantitative Elemental Determination of Algerian Mediterranean Sea SedimentsAlomary, Ahmed; Belhadj, Soraya; Obeidat, Safwan; Al-Momani, Idrees; Attiyat, Abdulrahman
2014A Computer Model for the Movement of Electrically Stimulated ParameciumAl – Rudainy, Abdul – Rahman A.
2015A Decomposition of Pairwise ContinuityArifmohammed, K. M; Thirumalaiswamy, M
2013A Decompositon of ( µ,? ) - Continuity in Generalized Topological SpacesRajamani, M.; Inthumathi, V.; Ramesh, R.
2012A Different Treatment of Qalqalah Stops Recognaition in ArabicAlhjouj, Abdullah Hamid
2013A Fixed Point Theorem Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric SpaceChauhan, Sunny; Alamgir Khan, M.; Pant, B. D.
2011ِA Formal-Functional Analysis of the English Modal AuxiliariesAbdul Fatttah, Hussein