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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996A Workshop on the Urbanization Process in the Ancient Near EastA Workshop on the Urbanization Process in the Ancient Near East
1990A Aanalysis of Reading Miscues and Retelling Comprehenshion of English Majors at Yarmouk UniversityMansour, Muhammad Ahmad Muhawish /Al-Makhzoomy , Khalaf
1975Ab Initio Calculation and Spectroscopic Study of the 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction of Benzyl Azide and Acrylic AcidThanaa Shriteh*, Adnan Kodlaa, Sultan T. Abu-Orabi, Rushdi Madwar and Adnan Atfeh
1980Ab Initio Investigations of Some 1, 2-Diols Rearrangement Via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal* and Khamis A. Abbas
2012Ab Initio Investigations of the Rearrangements of Some Sodium ?-Halo alkoxides via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal, Khamis A. Abbas, Tahani A. Al-Qudah
1975Ab Initio Investigations of the Rearrangements of some b-Haloalkoxides to Epoxides via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal
2001Ab Initio stabilization Energies of structural and conformational isomersof C3H7X where X-F , CI or Br.Afaneh, Akef Taha /Helal , Mustafa R.
1978The Abbasid Coinage at Madinat Al-Salah from 146/763 to 218/833Daftar , Nahidh Abdul-Razzaq /Bivar , A.D.H
2010The Ability of Forecasting Value at Risk ( VaR ) in Estimating Expected Reurn : Evidence From Amman Stock Exchange ( ASE ) During the Period 2005 -2009Algawagneh , Shatha A /Ajlouni . Moha'd M
1996The ability of Jordanian graduate students to translate English idiomaticexpressions into ArabicBataineh, Rula Fehmi /Wardat , Mahmoud /Bader , Yousef
2012Abnormal Psychology in Selected Novels of Ian McEwanAbabneh , Ruba G. /Suyoufie , Fadia
1998About extreme ranked set semples with application to the estimation of distrubution functions and percentilesAl-Sagheer, Omar Abed Alla Musa /Samwai , Hani Michel
1998Abstract of Paper Delivered at Yarmouk University's Archaeological Workshop ( May 1998 )al-Muhaysin, Zaydun
1990Abu Hamid 1989 : Third Season of Excavations-
1986Abu Hanifah Al-Dinawari's book of plants : an annotated English translation of the extent alphabetical portionBreslin, Catherine Alice
2006AC and DC electrical conductivity measurements of polyaniline-doped with Copper (1)X salts, {Cu(1)X(X=C1, Br, I} as a potential gas sensorsAl-Omari, Mahmoud R. /Elghanem, Hassan M.
1992AC-Susceptibility of The Fe(Ai,Co) Alloys SystemAl-Hussein , Khalled M. /Abu-Alijaayesh , I.
2012Academic Procrastination: Prevalence and Causes from the Point of View of Undergraduate StudentsMuawia Abu Ghazal
2006Acadimic Literacy Right from the Start ? : A Critical Realist Study of the Way University Literacy is Constructed at a Gulf UniversityYvette . Michelle
1998Acceptability and diffusion of some borrowed and native terms in medical and engineering sciencesAl-Assal, Mahmud Sabri /ٍSarairah , muhammad