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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Class of Ratio-Cum-Ratio-Type Exponential Estimators for Population Mean With Sub Sampling The Non-RespondentsPal, Surya K; Singh, Housila P
2016A Close Look at the Estimation of the Population SizeAl-Saleh, Mohammad Fraiwan; Abdel-Wahab, Bayan Ghassan
2007A Collapsing Flat UniverseAltaie, Mohammed B.; Daradkeh, Munir Mohammed
2012A Colored Image Encryption Method Based on Random PermutationAl-Khassaweneh, Mahmood; Tawalbeh, Shefa Walid
2015A Comparative Analysis of Late Capital Hegemony in J. M. Coetzee's "Diary of a Bad Year", Mohsin Hamid's "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" and Aravind Adiga's "The White Tiger"Hammad, Lamia K.; Al-Mazawdeh, Mohammad K.
2017A Comparative Analysis of Local and Foreign Commercial Banks Efficiency : The Case of JordanGharaibeh, Mohammad; Kandah, Tamara Nader
2014A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Graph Disclosure in the Firms' Annual Reports in Emerging Markets : The Case of Arabian BanksAl-Sartawi, Iaad Issa Mustafa; Al-Kilani, Nisreen Abd Al-Mouti
2002A Comparative Study Between Radon Concentration Levels During the Spring and Autumn Seasons in Dwellings in Al - Karak AreaLatayifah, Mahdi
1985A Comparative Study Between the Focused Efficient Method and the Traditional Method in Teaching English Composition for First Secondary Students in JordanSmadi, Oglah; Alawneh, Ahmad Hasan
2007A Comparative Study for Bandwidth Selection in Kernel Density EstimationEidous, Omar; Al-Haj Ebrahem, Mohammed II. Baker; Marie, Mohammad Abd Alrahem Shafeq
2013A Comparative Study of Apology Discourse Expressions of Native and Non-Native Speakers of English in the Universities of Saudi ArabiaAl-Jamal, Dina; Al-Sharari, Abdullah Nazal Samed
2010A Comparative Study of Cohesion and Coherence in Translation of William Gelding's Novel "Lord of the Flies"Wardat, Mahmud; Hamam, Laila Yaqoub
1996A Comparative Study of Different Estimators of the Mean of the Normal DistributionAl-Saleh, Mohammad Fraiwan; Wahasheh, Amjad Mohammad Mutlaq
1987A Comparative Study of English and Arabic Composing Processes of Jordanian Third Secondary StudentsHatamleh, Ibrahim; Ababneh, Talib Ibrahim
2011A Comparative Study of Gender Markers in Jordanian Arabic and Modern Standard ArabicBader, Yousef; Al-Bzoor, Sami Hassan
1998A Comparative Study of Joseph Conrad and Hanna Meena : The Idealization of Feminine PerspectivesDawood, Ibrahim; Al-Esh, Ranya Faisal
2011A Comparative Study of Soil Radon Levels Using Active and Passive DetectorsErshaidat, Nidal M.; Al-Bataina, Barakat A.; Al-Rayashi, Waleed Saleh
1989A Comparative Study of Thamudic and Safaitic VocabulariesMendenhall, George E.; Ajlouni, Ahmad H.
2013A Comparative Study of the Ammonite, Moabite and Edomite Deities in JordanKafafi, Zeidan; Al-Ghul, Omar; Han, Dong Hee
1986A Comparative Study of the Antigenic Make up of Hydatid Cyst Fluid Extracted from Camel Cattle and Sheep from North JordanAl-Yaman, Fadwa M.; Hamarsheh, Nour Al-Deen Mahmud