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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992AC-Susceptibility of The Fe(Ai,Co) Alloys SystemAl-Hussein , Khalled M. /Abu-Alijaayesh , I.
2012Academic Procrastination: Prevalence and Causes from the Point of View of Undergraduate StudentsMuawia Abu Ghazal
2006Acadimic Literacy Right from the Start ? : A Critical Realist Study of the Way University Literacy is Constructed at a Gulf UniversityYvette . Michelle
1998Acceptability and diffusion of some borrowed and native terms in medical and engineering sciencesAl-Assal, Mahmud Sabri /ٍSarairah , muhammad
2014Acculturative Stress and Social Support Among Immigrant Arab American Adolescents in East TennesseeNashwan , Ayat Jebril
1998An accurate method for solving boundary value problemsAl-Mdallal, Qasem /Syam , Muhammed
1983Acid Catalyzed Dissociation Kinetics of The Copper(II) and Mercury(II) Complexes of a Pendant-Arm MacrocycleMansour M. Hassan*
1975The acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of phosphinatesKhamis A. Abbas ,
2010An Acoustic Analysis of Geminated Consonants in the Arabic of Native Speakers of EnglishAl-Mashagbah , Basil Mohammad /Mitleb , Fares
2013Acoustic Analysis of Promising Pitch Contours in Jordanian Arabic = التحليل الطيفي لنبرة الصوت في عبارات الوعد في اللهجة الأردنيةAl-Smadi , Khalid Ahmad /Mitleb , Faris
2011An Acoustic analysis of the Qur'anic Recitation of Some Sonorants = دراسة موجصوتية لبعض الأصوات الرنينية في القرآن الكريمAl-Batayneh , Ahmad Mohammad /Mitleb , Faris
2010Acoustic Analysis of Threatening Intonation in Jordanian Arabic and American = تحليل صوتي لتنغيم التهديد في العربية المحكية في الأردن والإنجليزية الأمريكية EnglishAl-Salim , Anas Fawzat Ali /Mitleb , Faris
2010An Acoustic Verification of Some Phonological Rules in Bani Hassan and Shorufati DialectsAl-Harahsheh , Faisal Abdel Nabi /Mashagbah , Faris
1981The acquisition and development of sign language in deaf children of hearing parentsLivingston , Sue
1991Acquisition of collocational terms by English major students at Yarmouk University.Hijjawi, Manal Sameh
1994Acquisition of collocational terms by students of first and second secondary classAl-Momani, Asma Yusuf
2004The Acquisition of narratives by arab children : a case studyAl-Namarneh, Jazira Jali Salameh
2006The Acquisition of passive voice by jordanian childrenAl-Sadi, Hanan Zaki
1988The acquisition of some American English duration parameters by nonnative speakers of EnglishSchmidt, Anna Marie
2003Acquisition of some selected phrasal verbs by english majors at yarmouk university in jordanAl-Qudah, Ayat Khalid