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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Innovation and Organizational Culture : The Case of IT Companies in JordanAl-Shaikh, Fuad Najib; Abbas, Laila Mahmoud
2014Innovation in the Manufacturing of the Nabataean PotteryAl-Saad, Ziad; Al-Hmoud, Waleed
2010Inscriptions de la Jordanie t. 5: La jordanie du Nord-Est fasicule 1 Inscriptions Grecques et Latines de la Syrie XXI : Book Reveبدر، نبيل
1990Institute Delegation Visits Democratic Republic of YemenIbrahim, M; Mershen, B
1988Institute Lecture : Where Was The Arabic Langauge During The Bronze Age?Mendenhall, Gearge E.
2011Institutional Ownership Stability and Firm Performance : the Case of JordanAl-Mwalla, Mona; Abu Serryeh, Shadi
1993Institutionalisation of the State and the Formation of Society in Jordan : An Analytical StudyHaddad, Mohanna
2016Integer and Fractional Order System Identification and Industrial Controllers Optimization Using Genetic AlgorithmsAl-Kofahi, Osameh; Abo-Hammour, Za'er; Zead, Islam S.
2009Integral Equations with Delay ArgumentsRawashdeh, Edris; Al-Darabsah, Isam Matter Ahmad
2006Integral Operators with Rough KernelsAl-Salman, Ahmad; Al-Jarrah, Ali; Al-Mansi, Isra' Mansi Yousef
2005Integral Operators with Rough Kernels Involving Some Special FunctionsAl-Salman, Ahmad; Al-Shaikh, Areeg Sami Saleh
2012Integrated Application of Geophysical Methods for Investigation of the Al-Berktain Archaeological Site in the City of Jerash JordanJaradat, Rasheed; ِAl Sa'ad Ziad; Hawamdeh, Ala'a Hussein
2015Integrated Indoor Navigation Techniques to Allow Blind and Visually Impaired People to Reach a Precise ObjectAbu Doush, Iyad; Alshattnawi, Sawsan; Al-Hasan, Bushra Mohammad
2010Integration and Management of Renewable Energy Sources Intended to Supply Yarmouk University Campus with EnergyAl-Zoubi, Mohammed Hasan; Dwairi, Kassim I.
2010Integration and Management of Renewable Energy Sources Intended to Supply Yarmouk University Campus with EnergyAl-Zoubi, Mohammed Hassan; Dwairi, Kassim I.
2010Integration of Regional Stock Exchanges Empirical Evidences from Four Arab Countries Jordan Saudi Arabia Kuwait BahrainAlhallaq, Said; Al-Ibrahim, Saif Ahmed
2017Integro-Differential Equations with Infinite DelayRawashdeh, Edris Ahmad; Ababneh, Eman Jehad
2003Intelligibility of Intonation Patterns in the Pronunciation of Non-Native English MajorsMitleb, Faris; Abu al-Rukeb, Maram Hussein
2017Intensity Based Triangular Fringe Projection Technique for Surface Profilometry MeasurementsAl-Hamdan, Sami; Bawaneh, Mohammad Abdullah Mohammad
2009Inter-Laboratory Chemical Study of Natural Materials from the Historical Wiesner CollectionKarapanagiotis, Loannis; Mantzouris, Dimitrios; Chryssoulakis, Yannis; Saadeh, Haythem A.; Alawi, Mahmoud A.; Mubarak, Mohammad S.; Karadag, Recep; Yurdun, Turkan; Alsaad, Ziad; Abdel-Kareem, Omar; Puchinger, Leopald; Sauter, Freidr