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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Invariants of Finite Groups Generated by Pseudo-ReflectionsHajja, Mowaffaq; Algrouz, Ibrahim Mahmoud
2012Investigating Bubbles Existence in Amman Stock Exchange During the Period (1999-2010)Al-Mwalla, Mona Mamdouh; Alrababa'a, Abdelrazzaq Mohammad
2012Investigating Bubbles Existence in Amman Stock Exchange During the Period 1999-2010Al-Mwalla, Mona Mamdouh; Al-Maqableh, Ali Hussain; Alrababa'a, Abdelrazzaq Mohammad
2012Investigating Earthquake Damages of the Ancient City of Gadara (Umm Qais) : An Archaeoseismological ApproachAl-Bashaireh, Khaled Shenwan; Jaradat, Rasheed Abedelkareem; Al-Azzam, Naheel Majed
2013Investigating Situational and Individual Determinants of Employees Theft in Retail Industry Case of Jordan Northern RegionAleassa, Hassan; Bataineh, Manar Yousef
2015Investigating the Ability of Testing Web Applications Based on Traditional Software Testing TechniquesSaifan, Ahmad; Baniata, Mahmoud Ogla Al Hassan
2015Investigating the Effects of Sample Conditioning on Nano-Apex Carbon Fiber Tips for Efficient Field Electron EmissionAlnawasreh, S; Mousaa, M. S; Al-Rabadib, A. N
2012Investigating the Gravitational Properties of Dark MatterAltaie, Mohammad B.; Al-Khasawneh, Belal Yaseen
2014Investigating the Habitability of ExoplanetsAl-Taie, Mohammad Basil; Kanaan, Hadeel
2017Investigating the Relationship Between Market Risk-Adjusted Dividend Policy and Price-to-Book Ratio : Evidence from Amman Stock ExchangeAl-Mwalla, Mona; Mansour, "Sharaf Aldeen" A.
2011Investigating the Thermal Properties of a Quantum Cosmological ModelAltaie, M. B.; Al-Nimrat, Zaynab
2009Investigating Three Translations of Some Supplications in the Holy Qur'anBader, Yousef; Mistarihi, Fawzia Saleh Rasheed
2018Investigation for Software Fault Proneness Prediction at Method LevelAbul-Huda, Bilal; Akour Mohamed; Aldiabat, Samah
1986Investigation of a Thermosyphon Solar Air Heater Integrated with a Wind-fanTamimi, AbdulRahman I.; Nimri, Sami Ibrahim
2016Investigation of Acidic and Basic Properties of Iron (III) Oxide Based Catalysts Using IR SpectroscopyHammoudeh, Ayman; Mahmoud, Sabri; Alrashdan, Ayah
2016Investigation of an Series of Ruthenium II Complexes as Potential Catalysts in the Hydrogenation of Ketones and AldehydesHammoudeh, Ayman; Al-Noaimi, Mousa; Mahmoud, Amal Muhsen Mohammad
2015Investigation of Communication Strategies Used by EFL Tenth Grade Teachers and their StudentsAl-Jamal, Dina AbudlHameed; Al-Qharaibeh, Sara'a Faeq
2015Investigation of Line-Side Harmonics Produced by Three Phase Controlled Rectifier in Terms of Firing Angle VariationsRifai, Mohammed Bashir; Abou AL-Shamat, Mhamed Nibras
2006Investigation of Mechanical Characteristics of Composite Insulators Using Advanced Testing TechniquesAlzou'bi, Mohammad; Zureikat, Hamed; Alwidian, Mohammad Mahmoud
2003Investigation of Shallow Ground Water in the Tulul Al Ashaqif Highlands , JordanAbu-Jabir, Nizar; Abd Al-Rahman, Nabil; Azayizah, Wail; Umari, Hassan; Sukhni, Khalid