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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Long vs. short Sibilants in Jordanian ArabicYasin, Muhammad
2004Long-Run Monetary Nuetrality in JordanِAlkatib, Said
2009Longitudinal Coupling Impedance for Particle Beams With Gaussian Charge Distributions in the longitudinal and Transverse DirectionsAl-Khateeb, Ahmed M.; O'koor, Sondos
2011Longitudinal Data Analysis Using Generalized Maximum Entropy ApproachAl-Rawwash, Mohammad Y; Al-Nasser, Amjad D
2007Longitudinal Resistive-Wall Impedance for a Gaussian Beam of Particles Propagating in Smooth Cylindrical PipeAl-Khateeb, Ahmed M.; Al-Issa, Adnan
2007Longitudinal Resistive-Wall Impedance of a Small Circular Hole in the Wall of a Cylindrical Pipe for Arbitrary Particle Beam EnergyAl-Khateeb, Ahmed; Al-Mudallal, Ahmed Mustafa
2002Longitudinal Space Charge Impedance in Perfectly Conducting Cylindrical Beam PipeLaham, Nabil M.; Qwasmeh, Ahmed
2006Longitudinal Space Charge Impedance of Non - Resistive Cylindrical Pipe in the Presence of a Uniform Background of Charged ParticlesErshaidat, Nidal M.
2002Loss in Meaning in Translating Medical English Texts into ArabicThaljj, Abdel Majid; Nassar, Malik
2010Loss of Culture - Based Meaning in English Translation of Some Jordanian Folkloric SongsAbdul-Fattah, Hussein; Sawaftah, Reyad
2012Lossy Digital Image Compression Technique Using Run-Length Encoding and Frei-Chen BasisAl-Khassaweneh, Mahmoud; Al-Shorman, Omar Mahmoud
1985Love Versus Empire : Convergence of Conflict and Theme in Antony and CleopatraJohn, Joseph
2012Low Barrier Hydrogen Bond (LBHB) Interactions in the Solid State Crystal Structures of Phthalate Salts Based on Trisubstituted Guanidinium CationsSaid, Farouq F.
2005Low Cost Treatment of Olive Oil Mill WastewaterGharaibeh, Sameh; Abu-Jaber, Nizar; Rababah, Ameera Mahmoud
2006Low Cost Treatment of Textile Wastewater Generated by the Blue Jeans Industry at Al-Hassan Industrial Estate Ramtha-JordanSameh, Gharaibeh; Alsghireen, Muna Hekmat
2011Low Energy Pion Double Charge Exchange Reactions and DibaryonNuseirat, Mutazz
2005Lp Boundedness of Certain Rough Singular Integral Operators on Product SpacesAl-Qassem, Hussain M.; Al-Momany, Ayman Mohammad Dheifallah
2006Lp Estimates for a Singular Integral Operator With a Rough Kernel on Product SpacesAl- Qassem, Huseen M; Ali, Mohamed Y
2015Lupane-Type Triterpenoids Derivatives from Resin of the Socotra Dragon Tree Dracaena cinnabari BalfMasaoud, Mohamed; Hussein, Khaled; Ahmed, Ahlam H; Al.Maqtari, Maher A
2006LUtilisation DArticles de Presse Dans LEnseignement du Francais SpecialiseTaha، Waddah