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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Tell Johfiyeh : An Archeological Site in Northen Jordan : A Preliminary Report on the 2002 FieLd SeasonLamprich's, Roland
2004Tell Johfiyeh An Iron Age Farmstead in North Jordan Report on the Second Season 2003-
2003Tell Ya'mun : The 2002 Season-
1992Temperature Dependence of AC-Susceptibility of Fe3O4 Fine Particles Annealed for Different TemperaturesAbu-Aljarayesh, I.; Al-Bayrakdar, Akram Hashim
1993Temperature Dependence of Birefringence in Magnetic FluidsYusuf, Nihad; Manasrah, Dalal Atef
1993Temperature Dependence of Dichroism in Magnetic FluidsYusuf, Nihad; Abdallah, Mohammad Abdallah Mohammad
2001Temperature Effect on Excimer / Polymer Fluorescence of Some Para - Substituted Polystyrene In Solid Films and in SolutionAni، Khalid E.
2002Temperature Effects on the Performance of the OFA Used in Optical CommunicationsBahiyah, Arkan Fuad; Zubaydi, Abd al-Rahman; Samarrai, Iyad
2012Template Polymerization of Methacrylic Acid and Acrylamide Monomers in the Presence of Polyethylene OxideBanat, Raid; Tincer, Teoman; Souod, Khaldoun
2004Temporal Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Mussel Modiolus Auriculatus at an Industrial Site on the Jordanian Coast of the Gulf of Aqaba; Indicator of the Seawater Environmental QualityEsmadi, Fatima T.; Badran, Mohammad I.; Ababneh, Taher Sharif
2008Tempral Growth of Filementation Instability Induced by Large Amplitude Laser RadiationBawainah, Muhammad; Awfi، Suad; Nasir، Husam
1988Tender is the Night and the Sheltering Sky : The Meanings of Familiar and Exotic Foreign SettingsHibbard, Allen
2017Tense and Agreement Production by Algerian Agrammatic Aphasics : The Tree Pruning HypothesisAl-Jarrah, Rasheed; Daoudi, Khadidja
2013Tensor Product Operators Induce Dynamical System on Weighted Locally Convex SpaceSenthilkumar, D.; Kala, P. Chandra; Prasad, T.
2018Term Frequency with Average Term Occurrences Weighting Techniques for Arabic Textual Information RetrievalAbu Ata, Belal; Al Omari, Lama Ali
2004Term Planning: A Case Study on Weather TermsSaraireh, Mohamamd A.; Hawamdeh, Fatima Ahmad
2012Terrorism as an Anti-Thesis in Selected Contemporary American NovelsRamadan, Susanne; Zaki, Amin Ata
2004Tertiary Treatment of Domestic Wastewater Using Local Volcanic Tuff and Granitic : Aggregate as A Filter MediaDwairi, Ibrahim M.; Gharaibeh, Sameh H.; Al-Zoubi, Abeer Ismaiel
2012Test of the Capital Asset Pricing Model with Time-Varying Beta : Evidence from Amman Stock ExchangeAjlouni, Moh'd M.; Al-Rabadi, Dima W. H.; Alnader, Tariq Khaled
1994Testing and the Promotion of Student Performance in L2Badir, Yusuf