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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Vertical Vibration of Machine FoundationsAsrar, Waqar; Serhan, Samir Jawdat
1997Vibration Effects on Settings Human Subjects of Various MassesUthman, Muhammad; Qasim, Wajih; Abd al-Majid, Said
2012Vibration Frequencies of Perylene with Different Molecular ChargesShanshal, Muthana; Kubba, Rehab M
2017Video Compression from EEGAlzoubi, Hussein; BaniMifrig, Ruba A.
2017Video Indexing Based on Scene FeaturesAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Al-Tamimi, Abdel-Karim; Alwadi, Mazen Ghazi
1992Video Qualitative Analysis of Soccer Place-KickKurdi, Ziyad; Bataineh, Ahmad
1992Video Qualitative Analysis of Soccer Place-KickKurdi, Ziyad; Bataineh, Ahmad
1996Violence and Identity Crisis in the Drama of Sam ShepardShetawi, Mahmoud; Hindi, Maher Yousuf Abdul-Qader
2002Violence and Identity in William Faulkner's Short StoriesAthameneh, Naser; Abulhaija, Nisreen Salah
1995Virulence Factors and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of Escherichia Coli Strains isolated from North JordanAbu Al-Su'ud, Mahmud; Abu yusuf, Adnan
1995Viscous flow in YBCO/(Ag2Ox) High-Tc SuperconductorZIQ, Kh. A.; Abd al-Hadi, M. M.
2010Visibility Degradation and Light Scattering/Absorption Due to Aerosol Particles in Urban/Suburban Atmosphere of Irbid, JordanHamasha, Khadeejeh M
2013Visible Spectrophotometric Determination of Ganciclovir in its Pharmaceutical Formulations Using Quinalizarin ReagentAl-Neaimy, Usra I. S.; Al-Delymi, Amal M. S.
2000Visitors' Linguistic EtiquetteEl-Hassan, Shahir A.; Rababa'h, Mahmud A.
1991Visual Perception of Biological System in Continuous and Discrete SkillsKilani, Hashem; ِAnabtawi, Hazem; ِAdel, Ibrahim
1993Vocabulary Interchange Between Nabataean and Pre-Islamic Arabic InscriptionsMendenhall, George E.; Abu-Qiass, Majid Awad
2010Vocational Skills Required for Pre-Service Teachers at the Hashemite University That are Employable in the 21st Century from their PerspectivesKhasawneh, Samer
2011Voice Over Internet Protocol : The Effect of Packet Size and Queuing Techniques on End-to-End Delayal-Ajlouni, Ahmad; Bakkar, Suha Suleiman Ali
2012Volatile Constituents of Leaves and Bulbs of Gynandriris Sisyrinchium and their Antimicrobial ActivitiesAl-Qudah, Mahmoud A.; Muhaidat, Riyadh; Trawenh, Ibrahim N.; Al Jaber, Hala I.; Abu Zarga, Mousa H.; Abu Orabi, Sultan T.
2017Volatile Organic Compounds and Essential Oil Composition of Selected Organs of Nepeta curviflora Collected from Two Regions in JordanBarhoum, Lina M