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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20151 , 2 - Ethylidene bridged bis - ( benzimidazolyl , benzothiazolyl , and benzoxazolyl ) transition metal complexes as catalysts for ethylene polymerizationAlt, Helmut G; Elagab, Hamdi Ali
19881,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Aromatic a Zides with Acetylenic CompoundsAbu-Orabi, Sultan; Marrai, FaKhri M.
20001,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Organic Azides with 1,4-BenzoquinonesAbu Orabi، Sultan T.; Al-Hamdany, Ra'ad; Saleh, Maysaa Mahmoud
19931,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Substituted Benzyl AzidesJibril, Ibrahim; Al-Shahateet, Selhi Faisal
20011,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Substituted Benzyl Azides With Tran Dibenzoylethylene : Thermally Stable Triazoles Versues Unstable TriazolinesAbu-Orabi, Sultan; Yousef, Yaser; Jibril, Ibrahim; Shahateet, Sulhi
19861. Reactions of Some Crown Ethers with Transition Metal Salts 2. Preparation of Quinone-Imonium Dyes by the Reaction of Aromatic Amines with DimethylsulfoxideMarji, Dheeb; Al-Mustafa, Jamil Ibrahim Saleh
199815 Years of Archaeological Reasearch at khirbet edh-Dharithal-Muhaysin, Zaydun; Villeneuve, F.
20091st Order Derivative Spectrophotometry Determination of Sertraline in Pharmaceutical Tablets by P-Chloranilic Acidal-Qahtani, Yusuf F.; al-Warthan, Abd al-Rahman A.; al-Tamrah, Saad A.
20182 -Absorbing Primary Ideals of So-RingsBabu, N. Ravi; Kumar, T.V. Pradeep; Rao, Srinivasa
20073 , 3 , 4 , 4 - Tetraethoxybutyne : An Excellent Starting Material for the Synthesis of Range of Functionalized CompoundsSydnes, Leiv K.; Holmelid, Bjarte; Valdersnes, Stig; Sengee, Myagmarsuren; Boman, Kjartan
1999A "Normal" Split Personality : A Feminist Study of Sylvia PlathAthamneh, Nasser; Khalifeh, Areen Ghazi
2000A Backward Algorithm for Lexical Analysis of Textual Arabic WordsMustafa, Sulayman; Mas'ud, Fawaz
2000A Biomechanical Investigation of Postcranial Skeletal Specimens of the People in Wadi FaynanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Asad, Rula Y.
1993A Brief Essay On The Geologic Evolution Of The Red SeaColeman, Robert
1986A Brief Note On New Palaeolithic Sites In Southren Jordanal-Muhaysin, Mujahid
2004A Characterization of (P*Q) Nuclear Maps Where P and Q are Power Sets of Finite TypesShatanawi, Wasfi; Jaradat, Muhammad
1983A Childs Grammatical Development Proceeds Through the Acquisition of Transformations : A Case Study From Jordanian Arabic Against This ClaimSmadi, Uqlah Mahmud
2014A Chronotopic Reading of Eugene ONeills the Icceman ComethRamin, Zohreh; Javanian, Mohammad Reza Hassanzadeh
2015A Class of Parabolic Maximal FunctionsAl-Salman, Ahmad; Shakkah, Ghadah Ahmad Salem
2013A Class of Primary SubsemimodulesRao, P. V. Srinivasa; Siva Mala, M.