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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20011 , 3 - Dipolar cycloaddition reactions of organic azides with 1,4 - benzoquinonesSaleh, Maysaa Mahmoud /ِAbu Orabi , Sultan A.
19751,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction of Benzyl Azide with Cyclohex-2-en-1-one. Experimental and Computational StudyThanaa Shriteh*, Sultan T. Abu-Orabi, Rushdi Madwar, Adnan Atfeh, Mohammad Abd-Al hakim Badawi
19891. Indirect spectrophotometric determination of fluoride in water ... 2. Determination of naphazoline nitrate and antazolinesulphate ...Al-Mumani , Idris Falih /Haj Hussein , Amin T
19871.Synthesis of some dimethylsilyl bis-enol ethers 2.conformational analysis of someCIS-2,3,6,7-teteramethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoxalineAbdel-Rahman, Hisham N.H.
2017-06-18111111111, 1111
19801st Order Derivative Spectrophotometry Determination of Sertraline in Pharmaceutical Tablets by P-Chloranilic AcidYousef F. M. Alqahtani*, Abdullrahman A. Alwarthan, Saad A. Altamrah
19893,3,4,4-Tetraethoxybutyne An Excellent Starting Material for the Synthesis of Range of Functionalized CompoundsLeiv K. Sydnes*, Bjarte Holmelid, Stig Valdersnes, Myagmarsuren Sengee, and Kjartan Boman
1990A Aanalysis of Reading Miscues and Retelling Comprehenshion of English Majors at Yarmouk UniversityMansour, Muhammad Ahmad Muhawish /Al-Makhzoomy , Khalaf
1975Ab Initio Calculation and Spectroscopic Study of the 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction of Benzyl Azide and Acrylic AcidThanaa Shriteh*, Adnan Kodlaa, Sultan T. Abu-Orabi, Rushdi Madwar and Adnan Atfeh
1980Ab Initio Investigations of Some 1, 2-Diols Rearrangement Via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal* and Khamis A. Abbas
2012Ab Initio Investigations of the Rearrangements of Some Sodium ?-Halo alkoxides via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal, Khamis A. Abbas, Tahani A. Al-Qudah
1975Ab Initio Investigations of the Rearrangements of some b-Haloalkoxides to Epoxides via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal
2001Ab Initio stabilization Energies of structural and conformational isomersof C3H7X where X-F , CI or Br.Afaneh, Akef Taha /Helal , Mustafa R.
1978The Abbasid Coinage at Madinat Al-Salah from 146/763 to 218/833Daftar , Nahidh Abdul-Razzaq /Bivar , A.D.H
2010The Ability of Forecasting Value at Risk ( VaR ) in Estimating Expected Reurn : Evidence From Amman Stock Exchange ( ASE ) During the Period 2005 -2009Algawagneh , Shatha A /Ajlouni . Moha'd M
1996The ability of Jordanian graduate students to translate English idiomaticexpressions into ArabicBataineh, Rula Fehmi /Wardat , Mahmoud /Bader , Yousef
2012Abnormal Psychology in Selected Novels of Ian McEwanAbabneh , Ruba G. /Suyoufie , Fadia
1998About extreme ranked set semples with application to the estimation of distrubution functions and percentilesAl-Sagheer, Omar Abed Alla Musa /Samwai , Hani Michel
1986Abu Hanifah Al-Dinawari's book of plants : an annotated English translation of the extent alphabetical portionBreslin, Catherine Alice
2006AC and DC electrical conductivity measurements of polyaniline-doped with Copper (1)X salts, {Cu(1)X(X=C1, Br, I} as a potential gas sensorsAl-Omari, Mahmoud R. /Elghanem, Hassan M.