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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986A Brief Note On New Palaeolithic Sites In Southren Jordanal-Muhaysin, Mujahid
2011A Greek Inscription From North Jordan-
1987A Late Bronze age Camel Caravan at Tell Dier AllaKnauf, Ernst Axel
1994A Lunar Eclipse Mentioned in an Inscription from Ghadir al-Malla'hShunnar, Zuheir
1993A New Approach for the Stabilisation of Arhaeological IronSad, Ziyad
2001A New Publication by Dr. Abdullah Shunnaq : " Dictionary of Rural Expressions in North JordanShunnaq, Muhammad
2009A Preliminary Report on the 1996 - 2004 Exeavations at Tell Deir ' Alla-
2011A Preliminary Report on the Results of Excavations at Tell Dayr Alla Region : Fields 81 and 27-
1994A Project for Collecting and Recording New Inscriptions Left on Artifacts in the Al-Azraq RegionRousan, Mahmud
2009A Project Funded by the Jordanian Scientific Research Funf : Opens new Horizons for Studying the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Arab World-
2010A Study of Toponyms in Irbid Governorate of Jordan An Etymological and Grammatical Analysis in the Light of Near Eastern Languages Semitica et Semitohamitica Berolinensiaعبابنة، محمد
1990A Workshop on Musuem Education Institue of Archaeology and Anthropology Yarmouk University Irbid , may 19-20, may 1990Hatamleh, Moh'd
1996A Workshop on the Urbanization Process in the Ancient Near EastA Workshop on the Urbanization Process in the Ancient Near East
1990A Aanalysis of Reading Miscues and Retelling Comprehenshion of English Majors at Yarmouk UniversityMansour, Muhammad Ahmad Muhawish /Al-Makhzoomy , Khalaf
1975Ab Initio Calculation and Spectroscopic Study of the 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction of Benzyl Azide and Acrylic AcidThanaa Shriteh*, Adnan Kodlaa, Sultan T. Abu-Orabi, Rushdi Madwar and Adnan Atfeh
1980Ab Initio Investigations of Some 1, 2-Diols Rearrangement Via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal* and Khamis A. Abbas
2012Ab Initio Investigations of the Rearrangements of Some Sodium ?-Halo alkoxides via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal, Khamis A. Abbas, Tahani A. Al-Qudah
1975Ab Initio Investigations of the Rearrangements of some b-Haloalkoxides to Epoxides via G3 CalculationsMustafa R. Helal
2001Ab Initio stabilization Energies of structural and conformational isomersof C3H7X where X-F , CI or Br.Afaneh, Akef Taha /Helal , Mustafa R.
1978The Abbasid Coinage at Madinat Al-Salah from 146/763 to 218/833Daftar , Nahidh Abdul-Razzaq /Bivar , A.D.H