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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017B a,B-Operator and Fitzpatrick FunctionsHashoosh, Ayed E; Alimohammady, Mohsen
2012B-Splines Solutions for Partial Differential EquationsAl-Khaled, Kamel; Al-Bayed, Ghadeer Sameeh
1995Back Translation as a Measurement of Functional EquivalenceShunnaq, Abdulla; Abu Naser, Jabr M.
2007Backchannels in Jordanian ArabicAl-Ajlouny, Mohammed Khalid; Miqdadi, Nabeel Ahmad Mohammed
2003Backward Exact String Searching StrategyFayyumi, Iba; Jabir, Ahmad
2018Bade - Property Survet and Comparison With A - property , Russo - Dye Theorem and Extremally RichnessTahlawi, H. M.; Alsahli, G. M.
2014Baer Gamma Rings With InvolutionsPaul, A . C; Uddin, Md . Sabur
2014Banks and Innovation : A Case Study of the Arab WorldDaradkah, Demeh; Jweinat, Mais Nabel Hanna
2004Bargaining Between Sellers and Female Customers in Jordanian ShopsMahadin, Radwan; Al-Natour, Amal Shhadeh
2014Baria Ahmar's Translation of Functional Repetition in Mostaghanemi's Memory in the Flesh into EnglishShunnaq, Abdullah; Abualhija, Niveen Osama
2006Barriers to Effective Information Technology Integration in Jordanian Schools as Perceived by In - Service TeachersKhazaleh, Tayseer; Jawarneh, Tareq
2007Barriers to Effective Listening to Lectures as Perceived by Undergraduate Students at Al - Bayt University in Jordanal-Qudah, Khalid
2008Barsinia the First Season of ExcavationEL - kHOURI, Lamia
1987Basta 1987al-Muhaysin, Mujahid; Nissen, H.
1988Basta 1988Muheisen, M.; Nissen, h.
1995Bayes Empirical Rayes Estimation of the Parameters of Some Important Distributions in ReliabilityAbu-Salih, Muhammad S.; Abu Nasrah, Sana Abdulla
1994Bayes Estimation of Burr Distribution Parameter Using the LINEX Loss FunctionAbu-Salih, Muhmmad S.; Al-Hilo, Amal Muneer
1998Bayes Estimation of the Parameters for the Burr Type XII Distribution Under Several Sampling PlansAbu-Salih, Muhammad S.; Hazaimeh, Haziem Muhammad Hasan
1998Bayes Estimators for Availability of SystemsAbu Salih, Muhammad S.; Al-Zghool, Raed Ahmad Hasn
1998Bayes Estimators of the Parameters of a Mixture of Two Burrtype X DistributionsِAbu Salih, Mohammad S.; Alkaldih, Hani Seliman