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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013C-C Bond Cleavage in Aromatic Molecules; Benzene, Toluene and NaphthaleneMuthana Shanshal* and Mustafa M. Muala
1975Calculation of Thermoelectric Power and Electron Drift Mobility at Low Electric Field in AlxGa1-XN Using an Iterative MethodHadi Arabshahi
2010Calculations of Critical Currents , Internal Magnetic Fields and Pinning Forces Using Critical State Approach for Bulk Superconductors = حسابات التيارات الحرجة، المجالات المغناطيسية الداخلية وقوى التثبيت باستخدام منهجية الحالة الحرجة لمفرطات الموصليةBani Yaseen , Muna K.M /Al - Dairy , Abdul Raouf /Qteish , Abdallah
2013Calendar Anomalies : The Case of the Gulf Cooperation Council Stock ExchangesAl - Khader , Marsel Sulaiman /Alrabadi , Dima Waleed
1997Calibration of an XRF System and The Measurement of Trace Elements in Blood SamplesSweiti, Anwar I. /Kullab , Mahmoud
1986Camel Glutathione S-tranferases : Tissue Distribution , Purification of the Renal Enzyme , and Biochemical and Immunological Ccomparison with Other TransforasesAbukhalal , Imad K. /Hunaiti , Abdelrahim
1986Camel hepatic glutathione S-transferase : purification , characterizationand its role in detoxication of chemicals , mutagensand carcinogensSerhan , Mohmmad A.A.
1996Canine intestinal helminthosis in Jordan and assessment of coproantigen assay for the diagnosis of echinococcosisAl-Shihabi, Fouad Sufian /Abdel-Hafez , Sami .k /Kamhawi , Shaden A.
2012Capacity Metric for Chip Heterogeneous MultiprocessorsOtoom , Mwaffaq Naif /Paul , JoAnn M.
2011Capital Structure, Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance : The Case of Jordan Al-Mekbil , Mustafa /al-Mwalla , Mona M.
2015Capparis Aegyptia Extract as Corrosion Green Inhibitor for Alminum in Different MediaAL-Keifi, Hai'a Gumah Salem /AL-Qudah, Mahmoud
2015Capparis Decidua as a Green Inhibitor for Aluminum Corrosion in Different MediaHamaideh , Rasha Saleh Ibrahim. /AL-Qudah , Mahmoud A.
1980The case for triglossia in Arabic (with special emphasis on Jordan)Hussein, Riad Fayez Issa
1985A Case study of language planning in jordanAL-Abed AL-Haq , Fawwas /Verma , Manindra K.
2007Catalytic Activitieof Metallophalacyanines Towards Detection and Transformation of Pollutants.Agboola , Bolade Oyeyinka
1996Catalytic Cracking of Ppropane Over Some Supported Transition MetalsAbdul-Rahman , Rafat A. /Mahmoud , Sabri S.
1983Catalytic Dimerization of Propene with a Bis(salicylaldiminato)Nickel(II) Catalyst using 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol for Isomerization ReactionsHelmut G. Alt*, Katharina J. Schneider, Christian G?rl
1983Catalytic Dimerization of Propene with Bis(phenoxyimine) Ni(II) Complexes and Phosphine Ancillary LigandsHelmut G. Alt*, Katharina J. Schneider
1983Catalytic Dimerization of Propene with Diiminophosphorane Nickel(II) Complexes in the Presence of Phosphine AdditivesHelmut G. Alt*, Katharina J. Schneider, Edith Funk
2005Catalytic hydrolysis of CFC-12 over chromium (III) oxideHumaidi, Jamal Ragheb Mohammed /Hammoudeh, Ayman