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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006C - Semigroups and Nuclear Operatorsالشريف، شريفة; Al- Sharif, Sharifa
2003C - Semigroups and Schatten NormsSharif, Sharifah
2013C-C Bond Cleavage in Aromatic Molecules Benzene Tpluene and NaphtaleneShanshal, Muthana; Muala, Mustafa M.
2013Calculated Energies , Reaction Paths and Transition State of C-H Bond Cleavage in the Aromatic MoleculesShanshal, Muthana; Muala, Mustafa M.; Alyassiri, Muntadhar A.
2017Calculation of Neutron Fluxes and Radiation Doses for Neutron Irradiator 226Ra-Be Using the MCNP5 CodeAlTaani, A; Nahili, M; Bitar, A
2001Calculation of the Gyroscopic Tensor Elements of a Family of Antiperovskite Molecular CrystalsLassaad, Hidili; Abd Rabbih، Munaf; Issalih, Khalid; Coulon, Calude
2011Calculation of Thermoelectric Power and Electron Drift Mobility at Low Electric Field in Alx Ga1-xN Using an Iterative MethodArabshahi, Hadi
2010Calculations of Critical Currents, Internal Magnetic Fields and Pinning Forces Using Critical State Approach for Bulk SuperconductorsAl-Dairy, Abdul Raouf; Qteish, Abdallah; Baniyaseen, Muna K. M.
2013Calendar Anomalies : The Case of the Gulf Cooperation Council Stock ExchangesAlrabadi, Dima Waleed; Al-Khader, Marsel Sulaiman
2014Calibration Approach for Estimating Variance in Survey SamplingAl-Jararha, Jehad; Al-Deqes, Mohammad Abdul Rahman
1997Calibration of an XRF System and the Measurement of Trace Elements in Blood SamplesKullab, Mahmoud M.; Sweiti, Anwar I.
1986Camel Glutathione S-Transferases : Tissue Distribution, Purification of the Renal Enzyme, and Biochemical and Immunological Comparison with Other TransferasesHunaiti, Abdelrahim; Abukhalaf, Imad K.
1986Camel Hepatic Glutathione S-Transferase : Purification Characterizationand its Role in Detoxication of Chemicals Mutagensand CarcinogensHunaiti, Abdel Rahim A.; Sarhan, Mohmmed A. A.
1996Canine Intestinal Helminthosis in Jordan and Assessment of Coproantigen Assay for the Diagnosis of EchinococcosisAbdel-Hafez, Sami K.; Al-Shihabi, Fouad Sufian
2013Canonical Quantization for Fractional Schrodinger Lagrangian Density in Caputo DefinitionJaradat, Emad K
1995Capacity Utilization In JordanHallaq, Said
2011Capital Structure, Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance : The Case of JordanAl-Mwalla, Mona M.; Al-Mekbil, Mustafa
2015Capparis Aegyptia Extract as Corrosion Green Inhibitor for Alminum in Different MediaAL-Qudah, Mahmoud Ali; AL-Momani, Idrees; AL-Keifi, Hai'a Gumah Salem
2015Capparis Decidua as a Green Inhibitor for Aluminum Corrosion in Different MediaAL-Qudah, Mahmoud A.; Al-Momani, Idrees F.; Hamaideh, Rasha Saleh Ibrahim
2017Carbohydrates as Green Corrosion Inhibitors of Copper : Ab initio StudyAl-Mazaideh, Ghassab M