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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015D'eveloppement des Competences Linguistiques et Professionnelles des Professeurs de FLE : Etude de cas : La Formation Continue en JordanieKandeel, Rana; Alomari, Rola
1986D-Seperation AxiomsAl-Nashef, Bassam; Tani, Ali Ayed
2014Daily Maximum Temperature Forecasting by Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in JordanAbumurad, Khalid; Dahamsheh, Ahmad; Bani Amer, Zainab Mohammad Salem
2014Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Centroid Hierarchical Clustering and Nodes Splitting AlgorithmsAl-Khassaweneh, Mahmood; Al-Atoun, Khitam M.
2011Data Security Based on Steganography and CryptographyAl-Fahoum, Amjed; Abu-Rashed, Tariq Khaled
2009David Herbert Lawrence as a Dramatist : A Psychoanalytical Stydy of his PlaysAl-Shra'ah, Mahmoud; Hamouri, Ruba Adnan
2003Day of the Week Effect : Evidence From Beirut Stock ExchangeFayumi, Nidal
2003Decentralization as Function of Political Imperative Rather Than Technical : Historical PerspectiveIdris, Abd al-Munim M. Ali
1999Decolonization of the Self in Michael Ondaatje's Novel the English PatientBrandabur, A. Clare; Abu Judeh, Abdellatif Abdelhamid
2011Decomposing a Group into a Finite Union of Proper SubgroupsHajja, Mowaffaq A.; Abdelkareem, Hiba Adel Afeef
2010Decomposition of ? ? Continuity and g? - ContinuityRavi, O.; Ramkurmar, G.; Latha, R.
2011Decomposition of Continuity Via GrillsAl-Omari, Ahmad; Noiri, Takashi
1996Decomposition Theorems in Kothe SpacesTallafha, Abdalla; Shatanawi, Wasfi Ahmad Ayid
2007Defining and Monitoring Drought Using SPI in Northern JordanBani Dumi، Muhammad
2015Degradation of Chlorophenol Pollutants in Water Using Ferrite CatalystsHammoudeh, Ayman; Mahmoud, Sabri; Al-Zu'bi, Al-Bara' Jamal
2002Demand for Tourism : A Comparative Study ( 1970 - 1997 )El-Nader, Hasan; Al-Raimony, Ahmad
2002Demand for Tourism : A Comparative Study 1970 - 1997Nadir, Hasan; Raimuni, Ahmad
1985Demographic Determinants of Test Anxiety in Jordanian StudentsAhlawat, Kapur; Al-Ahmad, Ahmad Yousef
2001Demons of Domesticity : A Study of Oppressive Spaces in Selected Modern Anglo-American Short StoriesSuyufi, Fadia
1999Dental Anthropology of the Yasileh People : A Classical Site in Northern JordanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Khwaileh, Ali Mahmud