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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Early Abbasid Administration in the Central and Eastern Provinces , 132-218 A. H.,1750-833 A. D.Nicol , Norman Douglas /Bacharach , Jere L.
2003Early Bronze age I Mortuary Practices in the Southern Ghors of Jordan Bab Edh-Dhra', an-Naqe' and FeifaNai'mat , Zakariya N.A. /Kafai , Zeidan
1973Early Bronze Age Socio-Political ogranization in southwestern JordanSteele , Caroline Stewart
1973Early Bronze Age Socio-Political ogranization in southwestern JordanSteele, Caroline Stewart
2012An Early Estimation of Induction Motor Faults Using Stator Current Signature Analysis Via Wavelet DecompositionShatnawi , Ahmad M. /Altawil , Ibrahim
1988Early standard Arabic : texts and commentaryMoh'd, Salah Ahmad
2009East / West Relations in Dramatized Postcolonial Fiction : A Study of Two Films = علاقة الشرق و الغرب في الأفلام المبنية على أدب ما بعد الاستعمار : دراسة لفيلمين سينمائيينAl - Shoubaki m , Sahar Fathi /Athamneh , Nasser
2003The East and the west inter-cultural relation in the eyes of some arab novelistsIrsheid , Eman Ahmad /al-Neuar, Abdel-Elal
1991Ecavations at khribet ez-Zeraqoun 1991Ibrahim, Muawiyah
2006ECG Arrhythmias classification using nonlinear dynamic features : phase space approachQasaimeh, Awni M.
2006ECG Diagnostic tools using high order spectrum analysis techniqueAl-Said, Osama Nazih /Al Fahoum Amjed
1997Echinoids from upper cretaceous in Northern JordanSabaheen, Lina Ali
1983Eco-Physiological Studies on the Halophyte Arthrocnemum Fruticosum ( L. ) Moq. in JordanSaad Eddin , Raja' A. /Doddema , Hindrik
2011An ecocritical study of J. M. Coetzee`s Elizabeth Costello and DisgraceOlimat , Zeinab Hussein Hazza' /Suyoufie , Fadia
1997Econometric analysis of the Yemen economyٍٍSinha , Narain /Mohd , Badar Saleh Abdi
2005Economic Factors Affecting Managerial Discretion Over Accounting Accruals: the Case of Jordanian Manufacturing Companies Listed on Amman Stock ExchangeAl-Abdullah , Riyadh /Al-Shorman , Salah Al-Dain Abdullah
2014The Economics of Net Metering System in JordanRadwan , Ghaith /Alzou'bi , Mohammad
1987Ecophysiological studies of selected wild and cultivated wheat speciesShannag, Esam M.E.
1992Ecophysiological Study of Selected Diploid Wheat Species Under Field ConditionsDalkamouny , Nibal T. /Shannag , Esam
2005An ecosystematic study of a semi-arid ecotone in the Northern part of JordanAl-Gharaibeh, Mohammad Mufleh /Lahham, Jamil N.