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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Early Bronze Age I Mortuary Practices in the Southern Ghors of Jordan (Bab Edh-Dhra' an-Naqe' and Feifa)Ghanimeh, Khaled; Nai'mat, Zakariya N. A.
1989Early Islamic Coinage in the Light of Numismatic EvidenceSari, Saleh
1988Early Standard Arabic : Texts and CommentaryMendenhall, George E.; Moh'd, Salah Ahmad
2016Earnings Persistence and Equity Market Value : Empirical Study of Industrial Companies Listed in Amman Stock ExchangeAl-Mwalla, Mona M.; Anagreh, Abdullah Fawaz Yousef
2009East / West Relations in Dramatized Postcolonial Fiction : A Study of Two FilmsAthamneh, Nasser; Al-Shoubaki, Sahar Fathi
1991Ecavations at khribet ez-Zeraqoun 1991Ibrahim, Muawiyah; Mittmann, Siegfried
2006ECG Arrhythmias Classification Using Nonlinear Dynamic Features : Phase Space ApproachAl-Fahoum, Amjed; Qasaimeh, Awni M.
2016ECG Compression Based on Wavelet Transform and Cuckoo Search AlgorithmAlshamali, Ahmad; Jaradat, Sally Ali
2006ECG Diagnostic Tools Using High Order Spectrum Analysis TechniqueAl-Fahoum, Amjed; Al-Said, Osama Nazih
2000Echinoids from Late Cretaceous in Northern JordanSabbahin, Lina; Mustafa, Hakam
1997Echinoids from Upper Cretaceous in Northern JordanMustafa, Hakam; Sabaheen, Lina Ali
2018Ecofriendly Synthesis of Biscoumarin Derivatives Catalyzed by Thiourea Dioxide -Nodified Magnetic Animal Bone Meal Nanoparticles as Catalyst in WaterMomeni . Ahmad R; Albdadi, Jalal; Bakhtiar, Sadegh
1995Ecology of Fungi Associated with Phragmites Australis In IraqMuhsin, Tawfiq; Abd Al-Qadir, Maythim
2005Economic Factors Affecting Managerial Discretion Over Accounting Accruals : The Case of Jordanian Manufacturing Companies Listed on Amman Stock ExchangeAl-Abdullah, Riyadh Jassim; Al-Shorman, Salah Al-Dain Abdullah
2005Economic Growth and Credit Balances : Vector Error-Correction Modeling ApproachKhatib, Said
2019Economic Order Quantity Modeis for Price Dependent Deman and Different Holding Cost FunctionR . P . TRIPATHI
1992Ecophysiological Study of Selected Diploid Wheat Species Under Field ConditionsShannag, Esam; Dalkamouny, Nibal T.
2003Ecotourism and Community InvolvementMagablih, Khalid
2013Edge Maximal Free Three C2k+1-Vertex Disjoint GraphsBataineh, Mohammad; Al-Odeh, Esra'a Ibraheem Ahmad
2015Edge Maximal Graphs Containing no Specific WheelsBataineh, Mohammad; Jaradat, M.M.M; Jaradat, A.M.M