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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013f-Simultaneous Approximation in Topological SpacesAl-Sharif, Sharifa N.; Qaraman, Khaled
2012Fabrication and Characterization of Fe100 - xNix Nanoparticles in the Invar RegionRawwagah, F. H.; Lehlooh, A-F.; Mahmood, S. H.; Mahmoud, S.; El-Ali, A-R.; Said, M. R.; Odeh, I.; Abu-aljarayesh, I.
2008Face Recognition Using Reduced Color Feature TechniquesAl-Jarrah, Mohammad; Obeidat, Jehan Qweider Mahmood
2017Facebook Status Messages Used by Jordanian Facebookers : A Sociopragmatic StudyAl-Shorafat, Mohammed; Saefan, Bilal Qasem
1995Faces Analysis and Reconstruction of Depositional Environment of the Lower Jurassic Ironstone Bearing HIHI Formation : NW-JordanAli, Jawad Ali; Al-Qudah, Khaldoon Abed Al-Kareem
1997Facets of Euphemism in Jordan Valley DialectThalji, Abdel Majid; Al-Shamali, Faisal I.
2008Facial EMG Pattern Recognition and ClassificationAl-Zaben, Awad; Al-Zaatreh, Nesreen Kedher
1999Facies Analysis of the Triassic Ain Musa Formation, Dead Sea area , JordanMakhluf, 'Isa
2013Facile Route for the Synthesis and Characterization of [ ( u-H ) ( u-Ph2Pch2PPh2 ) Mo2 ( co )8 and [ ( u-H ) (u-Ph2Pch2PPh2 )2Mo2 (CO )6 ] Anions , and the Crystal Structure of [ Et4N] [ 9 u-H ) (u-Ph2Pch2PPH2 )2Mo2 CO )6El-Mehdawi, R. M.; Al-Gozze, N. M.; Ben Younes, M. M.; Treish, F. A.; Alsabri, S. G.; Daniels, Jorg; Beck, Johannes
2006Facile Route to Synthesis of Dinuclear Group 6 Metal Carbonyls Triply Bridged by Bis ( Diphenylphosphino ) Alkane LigandsAsali, Khalil; al-Kateeb, Muhammad; al-Hmaideen, Akef
2014Facile Three-Component Synthesis of 7-Arylbenzo[f]chromeno[4,3-b]chromen-6(7H)-ones Catalyzed by Potassium Phthalimide in Aqueous MediaKiyani, Hamzeh; Ghorbani, Fatemeh
2009Factors Affecting Audit Quality in the Jordanian Corporations : An Empirical StudyBdour, Jamal I.; Abdalla, Rana Rashad
2001Factors Affecting Dissolution Resistance of AC Anodizing Al in Sodium Carbonate SolutionAbu Khrisha, Murtaja Muhammad
2012Factors Affecting Earnings Management Practices in Jordanian Commercial BanksAl-Omari, Ahmad Mohd; Tbeishat, Azza Reyad Abdullah
2012Factors Affecting Gamma Ray TransmissionAlallak, N. A.; Sarhan, S. S.
1996Factors Affecting Length to Stay in Jordanian HospitalsAbd al-Halim, Ahmad
1998Factors Affecting Low Birth Weight Among New Born Babies in Northern Jordan : A Comparative Anthropological StudyEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Al-Horani, Saif EL-Deen Sami M.
1994Factors Affecting Permanent Teeth Eruption in Northern JordanEl-Najjar, Mahmoud; Al-Maabrah, Emad Ahmad Ali
1997Factors Affecting Simultaneous Interpretation : A Case StudyEl-Shiyab, Said; Banat, Yousef Husni Muhammad
2005Factors Affecting Soil Radon ConcentrationKhayrat, Ali; Al-Bataina, Barakat; Shweikani, Rihad; Oliver, M; Durrani, Said