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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013F- Simultaneous Approximation in Topological SpacesQaraman , Khaled /Al-Sharif , Sharifa N.
2002F.S. Fitzgerald's mythopoeic implications as a transitional stage between American literary tradition and modernist movementDawood , Ibrahim /Ionescu , Violeta-Virginia
2012Fabrication and Characterization of Fe100-xNix Nanoparticles in the Invar RegionF. H. Rawwagah et al
2011Face Aux Attentes Methodologiques Universitaires Francaises : Quel Accompagnement Offrir Aux Etudiants EtrangersLouise , Charrier /Bellachhab , Monsieur Abdelhadi
2008Face Recognition Using Reduced Color Feature TechniquesObeidat , Jehan Qweider Mahmood /Al - Jarrah , Mohammad
2008Facial EMG Pattern Recognition and ClassificationAl-Zaatreh , Nesreen Kedher /Al-Zaben , Awad
1995Facies analysis and reconstruction of depositional environment of the lower Jurassic ironstone bearing HIHI formation :NW-JordanAl-Qudah, Khaldoon Abed Al-Kareem /ِAli , Jawad Ali /ُُEdwiri , Ibrahim
1987Facile Route to Synthesis of Dinuclear Group 6 Metal Carbonyls Triply Bridged by Bis(Diphenylphosphino) Alkane LigandsKhalil Asali*, Mohammad El-khateeb and Akef Al-Hmaideen
2009Factors Affecting Audit Quality in the Jordanian Corporations : An Empirical StudyAbdalla , Rana Rashad /Bdour , Jamal
2012 Factors Affecting Earnings Management Practices in Jordanian Commercial Banks = العوامل المؤثرة على ممارسات إدارة الأرباح في البنوك التجارية الأردنيةTbeishat , Azza Reyad Abdullah /Al-Omari , Ahmad Mohd
2012Factors Affecting Gamma Ray TransmissionN. A . Alallak , S. S. Sarhan
1998Factors Affecting Low Birth Weight Among New Born Babies in Northern Jordan : A Comparative Anthropological StudyAl-Horani , Saif EL-Deen Sami M. /El-Najjar , Mahmoud
1994Factors Affecting Permanent Teeth Eruption in Northern JordanAl-Maabrah , Emad Ahmad Ali /El-Najjar , Mahmoud
1997Factors affecting simultaneous interpretation : a case studyBanat, Yousef Husni Muhammad /El Shiyab , Said /ِAbulhaija , Lutfi
1987Factors affecting the listening comprehension and attitude of native listeners to the speech of Arabic learners of EnglishEsarey, Gary R.
2014"Factors Influencing the Pricing of Audit Fees : An Empirical Examination"Abuanzeh , Yazan /Suwaidan , Mishiel
1984Factors related to science enrolment and literacy : in a particular American high school districtKhalili, Khalil Yousef
1983Factors Rellated to Selection of Fish Scates for Growth Studies of Yellow Perch m Perca FlavercensAbdu-Nabi , Ahmad Hassan
2004The Factors That Affect the Average Excess Rate of Return in Firms Listed in Amman Stock ExchangeHaddad , Amani Elias /Al-Khouri , Ritab S.
1998Faithfulness and spontaneity in translating metaphors : a study of Malak Hashem's translation of Naquib Mahfouz's yawma qutilaAl-Zaim (the day the leader was killed)Dawood , Ibraheem /Rabadi , Raghad Yacoub