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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03g - CLOSED SETS IN IDEAL TOPOLOGICAL SPACESRavi, O; Tharmar, S; Sangeetha, M; Antony Rex Rodrigo, J
1983G3 Global Minima for CH4BX Structural Isomers X = Li to BrMustafa R. Helal*, Akef T. Afaneh, Paul von R. Schleyer
1983G3-Global and -Local Minima of XC2H4+ Structural Isomers where X = Li to BrMustafa R. Helal* and Akef T. Afaneh
1998Galois Groups of Some field ExtensionsKhanfar , Muhammad /Hamidi , Maher Mahmud Said
2008Gamma Radiation Measurments and Dose Rate Calculations of Soil Samples Within and around Ras Muneef,Jordan.Almomani,Ali Mohammed.
2012Gap Management in Commerical Banks : The Case of Saudi Arabia = إدارة الفجوة في البنوك التجارية ) : حالة دراسية عن المملكة العربية السعودية )Al-Boali , Mahmoud Ibrahim /Al-Mwalla , Mona /Zurigat , Ziad
2012Gap Management in The Jordanian Banking Sector 2000 - 2010Ababneh , Mahdy Mohammad /Ajlouni , Moh'd Mahmoud
2002Gap Management in The Jordanian BanksAl-Mwalla , Mona Mamdouh /Tahtamouni , Abla Said Soud
1996Gas phase hydrogenation of O-Xylene over supported Pt/A12O3 catalystAbu-Tuaimeh, Wael Ismael /ٍSaymeh , Riyadh A. /Marji , Deeb
1979Gas-Solid Reaction Kinetics for the Hydrolysis of the Anhydrous Magnesium ChlorideAbu-Eishah , Samir Ibrahim
2010Gechemical and Microbiological Study of Leakage Water From King Talal Dam and the Suitability of its Reuse for Domestic Purposes = دراسة جيوكيميائية ومايكروبيولوجية للمياه الراشحة من سد الملك طلال وإمكانية إستخدامها للأغراض المنزلية.Bani Yaseen , Ali Ahmad /Yusuf , Nigem El-Deen /Hussein , Emad I.
2006Gender and language from a language planning perspectiveAl-Hayek, Reema Salah /Abd Al-Haq , Fawwaz
1997Gender differences in linguistic forms with particular reference to Jordanian women's expressions of politenessAl-Waqfi , Maysoon Abdel-Rahman /Abdeljawad , Hasan
2008Gender Differences in Political Speeches : A Case Study = التباين اللغوي في الخطاب السياسي بسبب النوع الإجتماعي : $b دراسة حالة.Al-Rabbai , O'Maymah Abdul-Rahman /Abdul-Fattah , Hussein
1997Gender differences in using English language learning strategies by eleventh graders in JordanAl-Omari, Omaima Ahmad /Hussein , Riyad F.
2008Gender Equilty Issues in Technology EducationAlee . Jennifer
2009Genderlect Differences Among Jordanian ChildrenAlgady , Dola Fayez /Abulhaija , Lutfi Ahmad
2010A General Mathematical Model for Transient and Steady State Analysis of A Three Phase Self Excited Induction Generator ( Seig ) Feeding Single Phase LoadsIqteit, Nassim A . H /Anagrehy, Yaser N
1987General Secondary Examination (GSE) and University Grade Point Average (GPA) as Predictors of Performance on University Proficiency Exam (UPE) for Undergraduate Students at the Jordanian UniversitiesYahia Al smadi, Haidar Zaza, Ayesh Gharaibeh, Younes Alyounes
2012Generalization of Poisson Kernel of Dimendion TwoSalem , Fatima Ahmed /Al-Sharif , Sharifa N.