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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013G - Closed Sets in Ideal Topological SpacesRavi, O.; Tharmar, S.; Sangeetha, M.; Rodrigo, J. Antony Rex
2008G3 - Global and Local Minima of XC2H4+ Structural Isomers Where X = Li to BrHelal, Mustafa R.; Afaneh, Akef T.
2008G3 Global Minima for CH4BX Structural Isomers X = Li to BrHelal, Mustafa R.; Afaneh, Akef T.; Schieyer, Paul Von R.
1998Galois Groups of Some field ExtensionsKhanfar, Mohammad; Hamidi, Maher Mahmoud Said
2008Gamma Radiation Measurements and Dose Rate Calculations of Soil Samples within and around Ras Muneef, JordanAbabneh, Anas Mohammad; Almomani, Ali Mohammed
2006Gamma Radiation Measurements and Dose Rates of Naturally Occuring Radioactive Samples From Hebron Province Geological RocksAbu Samrah, Muhammad
2012Gap Management in Commerical Banks : The Case of Saudi ArabiaAl-Mwalla, Mona; Zurigat, Ziad; Al-Boali, Mahmoud Ibrahim
2012Gap Management in the Jordanian Banking Sector 2000-2010Ajlouni, Moh'd Mahmoud; Ababneh, Mahdy Mohammad
2002Gap Management in the Jordanian BanksAl-Mwalla, Mona Mamdouh; Tahtamouni, Abla Said Soud
2001Gas - Phase Tandem Cyclisation as a Route to Fused - Ring HeterocyclesAitken, R. Alan; Garnett, Alasdair N.
1997Gas Chromatograph Study of Bitumen from Oil Shale of Amman Formation ( Upper Cretaceous ) , NW JordanDarwish, Hatim; Mustafa, Hakam
1996Gas Phase Hydrogenation of O-Xylene Over Supported Pt \ A12O3 CatalystSaymeh, Riyadh A.; Marji, Deeb; Abu-Tuaimeh, Wael Ismael
2006Gender and Language from a Language Planning PerspectiveAbd Al-Haq, Fawwaz; Al-Hayek, Reema Salah
1997Gender Differences in Linguistic Forms with Particular Reference to Jordanian Women's Expressions of PolitenessAbdel-Jawad, Hasan; Al-Waqfi, Maysoon Abdel-Rahman
2008Gender Differences in Political Speeches : A Case StudyAbdul-Fattah, Hussein S.; Al-Rabbai, O'Maymah Abdul-Rahman
2017Gender Differences in the Use of Nonverbal Emojis in Viber Communication among Algerian University StudentsAl Rousan, Rafat; Remil, Nour Elhouda
1997Gender Differences in Using English Language Learning Strategies by Eleventh Graders in JordanHussein, Riyad F.; Al-Omari, Omaima Ahmad
2009Genderlect Differences Among Jordanian ChildrenAbulhaija, Lutfi Ahmad; Algady, Dola Fayez
2003General Fault Detection Algorithms in Constrained Rule - Based Information Distribution SystemsArman, Nabil; Rine, David; Richards, Dana
2016General Methods Generate Fuzzy Equivalence Relations of the Form nxn MatricesShakhatrah, Mohammad; Qawasmeh, Tariq A. H.