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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Hadamard Finite-Part IntegralsRawashdeh, Edris A.; Al-Bawwab, Ziad Bader
2008Half - Sandwich Ruthenium Complexes of Heterocyclic - Dithiocarboxylato LigandsEl-Khateeb, Mohammad; Al-Noaimi, Mousa; Harb, Mohammad; Gorls, Helmar; Weigand, Wolfgang
2008Halogen Substituted Bis ( Arylimino ) Pyridine Transition Metal Complexes as Catalysts for the Oligomerization and Polymerization of EthyleneSeitz, Marcus; Gorl, Christian; Milius, Wolfgang; Alt, Helmut G.
2011Hamilton Formulation of Systems With Caputos Fractional Derivatives for Continuous SystemsNawafleh, Khaled; Hijjawi, Raed
2004Hamiltonian Decomposition of Product of GraphsAl-Rhayyel, Ahmad; Othman, Osama Mohammad
1994Handgrip Dynamometer Strength and Isokinetic Knee MeasurmentsKurdi, Ziyad
2006Hardware and Software Implementation for Image Authentication and Ownership Verification Using Watermarking SchemeAl-Fahoum, Amjad; Al-Yaman, Musa Salah
2014Hardware Implementation of Real Time Eye Tracking in VideoAl-Khassawneh, Mahmoud; Badran, Ahmed Ali
2008Harmonic Elimintation Using Six-Step Symmetry Pulse Width Modulated WaveformsTawil، Ibrahim A.; Amoura, Fathi K.
2012Harmonics Penetration Assessment in Residential Areas of IDECOAl-Zou'bi, Mohammad H.; Obeidat, Mohammad Mandoob
1998Hatra SanctuariesIslam, Khalid
1998Head Shape of Adult Males as a Possible Indicator of Economic Change in Northern Jordan (1900- 978)Al-Shiyab, Abdel-Halim; Abu Dalou, Ahmad Y. H.
1999Health Care and Survival of Infants Reported in the Jordan Family Health Survey 1990Samawi, Hani
2010Heart Sounds Separation Using Differential Evolution AlgorithmAlzaben, Awad; Ababneh, Jehad; Shunnag, Rami A.
1991Heat-Stable Enterotoxin and Antimicrobial Resistance Among Fecal Escherichia Coli Strains Isolated from North JordanAbussaud, Mahmoud; Abu-Yousef, Adnan Suleiman
2004Heavy Metal Accumulation in Mussels Along the Jordanian Coast of the Gulf of AqabaAl-Momani, Idrees; Badran, Mohammad; Al-Bataineh, Bashar Mohammad
2002Heavy Metal Concentrations in Dry and Wet Atmospheric Deposits in Al-Hashimya, JordanAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Ya'coub, Abdel-Rahim A.
2014Heavy Metal Content and Health Risk of Potato and Corn Chips Being Sold in Jordanian MarketJaradat, Qasem M.; Tarawneh, Amer
2003Heavy Metal Content of Some Jordaian and American CigarettesJaradat, Qasim M.; Mumani, Kamal A.; Mutair, Ali
2002Heavy Metal Distribution in Water , Sediment and Plants of Treated Wastewater , Karak - JordanJiris, Anwar; Jaradat, Qasim M.; Mumani , Kamal