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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018I-Convergence Classes of Sequences and Nets in Topological SpacesBanerjee, Amar Kumar; Banerjee, Apurba
1986I. Determination of Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride and Atropine Sulphate in Tablet Formulations by Reverse Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography II. Determination and Kinetics of Metronidazole Benzoate in Liquid Preparations by Reverse Phase High-Performance Liquid ChromatographySa'sa', Suleiman; Al-Sheikh Khalil, Hamed Subhi
1987I. Synthesis of Some Dimethylsilyl Bis-Enol Ethers II. Conformational Analysis of Some CIS-2,3,6,7-Teteramethyl-1,2,3,4-TetrahydroquinoxalineFataftah, Zacharia A.; Abdel-Rahman, Hisham N. H.
2011IBM -1 Calculations of Low - Lying Excited Levels and Electric Transition Probabilities B ( E2 ) on the Even-Even "174 -180Hf Isotopes"Al-Maqtary, K. A; Al-Zuhairy, M. H; Al-Sharaby, M. N
2013IBM-1 Calculations of Energy Levels and Electric Transition Probabilities B ( E2 ) in 158 - 160 GD IsotopesAl-Maqtary, K. A.
2011Identification and Characterization of ?-Amylase from Yemeni Bean (Dolichos Lablab L.) SeedsAl.Maqtari, Maher. A; Nagi, Khalid. M; Al Hazmi, S.M
2011Identification and Characterization of Bacterial Community Associated with Coral Reef in the Gulf of Aqaba in JordanHussein, Emad I.; Al-Horani, Fuad A.; Al-Khateeb, Samar Esa
1997Identification and Characterization of polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Atmosphere Using Laser Line Narrowing and Laser Excited Shopol'skii EffectYusuf, Yasir; Abu Zayd, Muhyi; Kurdiah, Hani
2012Identification Characterization and Seasonality of Bacterial Communities Associated with Coral Reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba in JordanHussein, Emad I.; Al-Horani, Fuad A.; Jaber, Fadi Mohammad
1987Identification of Hazardous Locations : A Suggested Methodology Through Comprehensive Accident Survey and Analysis for Irbid CityBalbissi, Adli H.; Abu Sheikh, Abdelmalek Ibrahim Mohammad
2014Identification of Insects at the Museum of Jordanian Heritage and Methods of their TreatmentEl-Serogy, Abdel-Rahman; Assaf, Mohammad S.
2005Identification of PAHs and Toxic Heavy Metals in Air Samples from Zarqa City, JordanYousef, Yaser A.; Al-Momani, Idress F.; Shwyat, Abd Al-Rahman R.
2012Identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Air Samples from Zarqa City, Jordan, Using High Resolution Laser Excited Luminescence Spectroscopy Combined with Shpolskii Matrix TechniqueYousef, Yaser A.; Alomary, Ahmed A.; Shwayat, Abdulrahman; Almomani, Idrees F.
2016Identifying logical Errors locations in Database Applications Using Event ExtractionSaifan, Ahmad; Ratha'an, Osama Hassan
2017Identifying the Best Practices in Green Operations Strategy of Hospitals : Worldwide SurveyMigdadi, Yazan; Omari, Abeer Ahmad
2016Identity Crisis and Cultural Hybridity in LailaHalaby's West of the Jordan Susan Darraj's the Inheritance of Exile : Stories from South Philly and Yusef El-Guindi's our Enemies Lively Scenes of Love and CombatHammad, Lamia K.; Ababneh, Zeinab Sh.
2016Identity Crisis in Caribbean Women's Fiction : A Study of Michelle Cliff's no Telephone to Heaven Erna Brodber's Myal and Jamaica Kincaid's LucyHammad, Lamia K.; Alkhaza'aleh, Ala'a Odetallah
2015Identity Crisis in Mohsin Hamid's the Reluctant Fundamentalist and Jhumpa Lahiri's the NamesakeHammad, Lamia K.; Hamdouni, Hamza
2015Identity Formation and Self-Development in Mukherjee's Jasmine and Kincaid's LucySasa, Ghada; Qazzaz, Esra'a
2017Ideology in Translating Political News : A Case Study of the Turkish Coup Attempt July 2016Obeidat, Mohammed Mahmoud; Halalsheh, Osama Saleh