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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975IBM-1 Calculations of Low-Lying Excited Levels and Electric Transition Probabilities B(E2) on the Even-Even "174-180Hf Isotopes"K. A. Al-Maqtary, M. H. Al-Zuhairy, M. N. Al-Sharaby , N. A. Shamlan
1988Iconicity as a constraint on first and second language acquisition : relativization in Korean and EnglishAndrew-Inseok, Kim
2012Identification , Characterization and Seasonality of Bacterial Communities Associated With Coral Reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan = تعريف وتحديد هوية المجتمعات البكتيرية المصاحبة للمرجان ضمن فصول مختلفة في منطقة خليج العقبة في الأردنJaber, Fadi Mohammad /Hussein, Emad I. /Al-Horani, Fuad A.
1975Identification and Characterization of ?-Amylase from Yemeni Bean (Dolichos Lablab L.) SeedsMaher. A . Al.Maqtari*, Khalid. M. Nagi and S.M.Al Hazmi
2011Identification and Characterization of Bacterial Community Associated with Coral Reef in the Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan = تعريف وتحديد المجتمع البكتيري المتعايش مع الحيد المرجاني الموجود في خليج العقبة في الأردنAl-Khateeb , Samar Esa /Hussein , Emad /al-Horani , Fuad
1987Identification of hazardous locations : a suggested methodology through comprehensive accident survey and analysis for IrbidcityAbu Sheikh, Abdelmalek Ibrahim Moh'd
2014Identification of Insects at the Museum of Jordanian Heritage and Methods of their TreatmentAssaf , Mohammad S. /El-Serogy , Abdel-Rahman
2005Identification of PAHs and toxic heavy metals in air samples from Zarqa city, JordanShwyat, Abd Al-Rahman R. /Yousef, Yaser A.
2012Identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Air Samples from Zarqa City, Jordan, Using High Resolution Laser Excited Luminescence Spectroscopy Combined with Shpolskii Matrix TechniqueYaser A. Yousef*, Ahmed A. Alomary, Abdulrahman Shwayat, Idrees F. Almomani
2010Identifying the Best Practices in Traditional and Electronic Banking Operations Strategies in Developing Economies : The Case of Jordan : Balancing resources with customer expectations in rapidly developing business environmentMigdadi , Yazan Khalid Abed-Allah
2015Identity Crisis in Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Jhumpa Lahiri's The NamesakeHamdouni , Hamza /Hammad , Lamia K.
2015Identity Formation and Self-Development in Mukhergee's Jasmine and Kincaid's LucyQazzaz , Esra'a /Sasa , Ghada
2014Image Enhancement Using a Modified Least Square Error ApproachRbabah , wael "Mohammed Hamzeh" Saleh /Al-Khassaweneh , Mahmood
1996The image of the hero in the English poetry of the great warٍShetawi , Mahmoud /Al-Joulan, Nayef Ali
2008The Image of The Moslem in 18th Century English Drama : A Critical Study of Three PlaysNwairan . Met,b Ali /Shra,ah . Mahmoud
2015-06-22Image Watermarking in The Time-Frequuency DomainAl Kassaweneh . Mahmood Alaya
2013Images in Translation : New Stories from Zaatari Refugee Camp : A Case StudyKhshashneh, Alaa Moha /AL- Shunnaq, Abdullah
1995Images of Motherhood : A Feminist Study of Thomas Hardy's Short FictionKhreis, Sura Mouhammad Ahmad /Kharbutli , Mahmoud
2006Immune response in mice genetically immunized with the second subunit of echinococcus granulosus antigen B in combination with cytokine genesAl-Aghbar, Mohammad Ameen /Al Qaoud . Khaled
2007Immunization of BALB / c Mice With the Second Subunit of Echinococcus Granulosus Antingen B ( EGAGB8 / 2 ) Gene ; the Effect of Immunization RouteBoutennoune , Hanane Massaoud /Al-Qaoud , Khlaed Mahmoud