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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Kafka revisited : autobiography , writing , and the body in some selected worksNa'aminah , Shadi Salih /Dawood , Ibrahim
2013Kaside-i Munferice ve Ismail Ankara Vi'nin Hkem-i Munderice fi Serhi'L-Munferice'siAlZyout, Hassan /Okuyucu,Cihan
1999Kate chopin : between feminism and transcendentalismAl-Tobasy, Reema Abdel Muhammad /hkharbutli , Mahmood
2011Keen Observers : How Jordanian Journalists of Today and Tomorrow See Al-Jazeera`s Coverage of the Arab Spring of 2011Mahroum , Mohammad
2012Kernel Method for Population Abundance from Several Line-Transect DataAbabneh , Hajar Salah Mohammad /Eidous , Omar M
2008Khirbat Adh - Dharih 12 Season of Excavations and Restorations , 2004-
1991Khirbat edh-Dharih 1991Muhaysin, Zaydun
2009Khirbet Edh - Dharih 13 th Field Season of Excavations and Restorations 2007-
1994Khirbet edh-Darih 1993al-Muhaysin, Zaydun
1995Khirbet En - Nasraniyeh-
1988Khirbet Zeraqoun ExcavationsIbrahim, Muawiyah
1985Kinematics , dynamics and control of a parallel robotHmaid, Yousef Muhmood
1998Kinetic Study of the Gas-Phase Hydrogenation of O-XYLENE OVER Ir/A12O3 CatalystSameh , Riyadh A. /Ma'adlih , Muhammad Mahmud Motair
1995Kinetics and Mechanism of Photolytic CO-Substitution Reactions of Cyclopentadienyl Iron Thiocarboxylate ComplexesBani Fwaz , Mutasem Zaki Yousef /Tawarah , Khalid /Jibril , Ibrahim A.
1978Kinetics and mechanisms of the reactions of some iridium (I) complexes with various ligandsAltalib , Mahmoud
1979Kinetics of oxidation of aldoses by hexacyanoferrate (III) in alkaline mediumal-Subu, Moh'd M. / Jarrar , Adel A.
2012Kinetics of Oxidation of L-Cysteine by Cobalt (III), Iron(III), and Chromium(III) Complexes of Salicylaldiminato LigandsHamzeh M. Abdel-Halim*, Adnan S. Abu-Surrah, Hutaf M. Baker
1983Kinetics of Thermal and Photolytic Segregation of Hexabromocyclododecane in Backcoated Textile SamplesRaed Ghanem
2008Knowledge Construction of African American Women in a Historically Black College or University SettingWilder , Anita Jennifer /Bracken , Susan
2010The Kohn - Sham Atomic Compton Profile of Noble GassesAli , Mohammad Ahmad /Al Sharif , Abdullah I