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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980M-groupsAl -Ezeh H. /Hussein , D. /Mohammad , Atef Mahmoud
2008Machine Translation Versus Human Translation With Reference to Pronouns : A Study of Agreement Errors in English - Arabic TextsOkour , Rasha Ghaleb /ِAbulhaija , Lutfi
2005Machine translation versus student translation : a study of some lexical and syntactic problems in economic textsGhuzlaan, Laila Muhammad abd er-raheem
2006Macroeconomic Determinants of Common Stock Returns : Evidence From Amman Stock ExchangeMagableh, Ali /Al-Bashtawi , Mervat Bahjat
1995Macromodelling techniques for use in analogue and Mixed-Signal IC Module optimizationHamad , Husam Ahmad
2007Madness in Wide Sargasso Sea , July's People and Pillars of Salt : A Psychoanalytic StudyBani-Khair , Baker Mohammad Jamil /Al-Shara'ah , Mahmoud
1983Magnetic and Structural Studies of Ba0.5Sr0.5(ZnTi)xFe12-2xO19 Prepared by Ball MillingA. Gonz?lez-Angeles & A. Gruskov? & J. Lipka & J. Sl?ma & V. Jan??rik
2002Magnetic field effects on the two - stream instabilityLaham , Nabil /Yasin , Essam
1993Magnetic hysteresis effects in some high tempereatyre superconductorsHamasha , Khadeejeh Mahmud
1990Magnetic Properties fo Metallic Magnetic Fluids : Fe - HgAbu-Labdeh, Abd El-Rahman Mustafa /Abu-Aljarayesh , Ibrahim
1995Magnetic properties of bafe fine particles systemAyoub , Nabil /Hamasha , Safeia Mahmud
1995Magnetic properties of bafe fine particles systemAyoub , Nabil /Hamasha , Safeia Mahmud
1983Magnetic Properties of Barium Titanate Barium Ferrite CompositesK. Khasawinah, Y. A. Hamam, A. El Ali (AL- Dairy), A. Rousan
1997The Magnetic Properties of the Alloys Fe(Al,Mn) SystemAl-Khateeb, Sami Turki /Abu Aljarayesh , I
1999The Magnetic Properties of the Alloys Fe1-xCox)(Ai1-yFey SystemAbu-Libdeh , Nidal Mowaffaq /Aljarayesh , Ibrahim
1991Magnetic properties of the perouskite of GdBa2Cu307 fine particle in a solid matrix.Al Khalil , Imad M /Ayoub , N , K
1990Magnetic Study of The Alloy System CuAl1-x FexAl-Jaber , Rezq Jaber Rezq /Saleh , Ahmad S.
1990Magnetic Study of The Alloy System Gd Ag1-x Fe xNayfeh, Nawal M. /Saleh , Ahmad S.
1992Magnetic susceptibilities of REBa2 Cu3 O7 (RE=rare earth) compoundsMuhammad Khaleel Rezeq,
1983Magnetization Measurements on as Prepared and Annealed Fe3-xMnxSi AlloysM. S. Lataifeh & M. O Shea & A. S. Saleh & S. H. Mahmood