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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018M1 and E2 Transitions in the Ground-State Levels of Neutral TinOzdemir, Leyla; SadoGlu, Muhammed S
2008Machine Translation Versus Human Translation with Reference to Pronouns: A Study of Agreement Errors in English-Arabic TextsAbulhaija, Lutfi; Okour, Rasha Ghaleb
2005Machine Translation Versus Student Translation : A Study of Some Lexical and Syntactic Problems in Economic TextsBader, Yousef Farhan; Ghuzlaan, Laila Muhammad Abd Er-Raheem
2006Macroeconomic Determinants of Common Stock Returns : Evidence from Amman Stock ExchangeMagableh, Ali; Al-Bashtawi, Mervat Bahjat
2007Madness in "Wide Sargasso Sea", "July's People" and "Pillars of Salt" : A Psychoanalytic StudyAl-Shara'ah, Mahmoud; Bani-Khair, Baker Mohammad Jamil
1993Magentic Studies of Lower Crustal and Upper Mantle Xenoliths From NE- JordanAbu Jarish, Ibrahim; Mahmud, Sami H.; Nasir, Subhi
1995Magentism Of Bulk And Ultrathin Layers With Strong AnisotropyO'shea, M. J.; Perera, P.
2013Magical Realism and lack of Authorial Tericence in Gunter Grasss the Tin Drum With Reference to Gabriel Garcia Marquezs One Hundred Years of SolitudeKasikhan, Hamid Reza
2008Magnentization Measurement on Fe-Doped Y-Based SuperconductorsKhasawinah, Khitam; Dairy, Abd al-Rauf al-Ali; Ayyub، Nabil Y.
2002Magnetic and Magnetotransport Properties of the Lacunar La0.67 Sr0.15 08MnO3 Perovskite ManganitePierre, J.; Cheikhrouhou, A.; Laroussi, L.
2008Magnetic and Structural Studies of Ba0.5Sr0.5(ZnTi)xFe12-2xO19 Prepared by Ball MillingGonzalez-Angeles, A.; Gruskova, A.; Lipka, J.; Slama, J.; Jancarik, V.
2002Magnetic Field Effects on the Two - Stream InstabilityLaham, Nabil; Yasin, Essam
1993Magnetic Hysteresis Effects in Some High Tempereatyre SuperconductorsAyoub, Nabil Y.; Hamasha, Khadeejeh Mahmoud
1995Magnetic Properties of BaFe Fine Particles SystemAyoub, Nabil; Hamasha, Safeia Mahmoud
2008Magnetic Properties of Barium Titanate - Barium Ferrite CompositesKhasawinah, K.; Hamam, Y. A.; El Ali ( Al-Dairy ), A.; Rusan, A.
2014Magnetic Properties of CoII, CoIII and CoII-III Coordinated to a Carbosilazane-Based PolymerHamam, Y. A.; El-Ghanem, H. M.; Arafa, I. M.; Ziq, Kh. A.; Said, M. R.
1996Magnetic Properties of FeO4 Fine Particible : Tim Dependence and Mossbauer SpectroscopyIsmail, Adnan; Sad, Muhammad; Hamam, Yaqub; Abu al-Jaraish, Ibrahim; Lahluh, Abd al-Fattah
1990Magnetic Properties of Metallic Magnetic Fluids : Fe-HgAbu-Aljarayesh, Ibrahim; Abu-Labdeh, Abd El-Rahman Mustafa
1991Magnetic Properties of the Perouskite of GdBa2Cu307 Fine Particle in a Solid MatrixAyoub, Nabil Y.; Al Khalil, Imad M.
1990Magnetic Study of the Alloy System CuAl1-xFexSaleh, Ahmad S.; Al-Jaber, Rezq Jaber Rezq