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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012N-Gram - Based Techniques for Arabic Text Document Matching ; Case Study : Courses AccreditationAl-Ramahi, Mohammad A.; Mustafa, Suleiman H.
1999N. J. Dawood's Translation of the Holy Qur'an : An Evaluative Case StudyAl Zughoul, Muhammad R.; Al Sartawi, Reem M. T. Al Kuffash
2000Naguib Mahfouz and Thomas Hardy : Stoic Heroism in the Realistic NovelsBrandabur, A. Clare
2018Names Referentiality and State Hegemony in Aravind Adiga's the White Tiger and Vikas Swarup's Q&AKhasawneh, Hana; Aldamen, Qusay Ahmad
1988Narrative Strategies in Sons and LoversYusuf, Tawfiq
2008Natfeh Anew Study in BioarchaeologyAl - Najjar, Mahmoud
2008Natfeh the Second Season of Excavation Summer 2007AL - Najjar, mahmoud
2005Nationalism in Selected Literary Works of William Butler Yeats and James JoyceKharbutli, Mahmoud; Al-Omari, Raed Mohammad M.
1986Native Speakers' VS.Non-Native Speakers' Evaulation of Jordanian Secondary Stage Students' Errors in CompositionAhlawat, Kapur; Al-Ahmad, Husni Ibrahim Awad
2018Natural Radioactivity and Associated Radiation Hazards in Local Portland and Pozzolanic Cements Used in JordanHamideen, Mefleh S
2009Natural Radioactivity in Eidon Area Using Nuclear Track DetectorsKullab, Mahmoud; Abumurad, Khaled; Khasawneh, Omar
2003Natural Radioactivity Studies on Surface Water From Wadi Al-Arab DamAbu Murad, Khalid; Thiabat, Ayidah E.; Gharayibah, Samih H.
2003Natural Radionuclides Contents in Building Materials Used in JordanIsma'il, Adnan; Shinnwa, Maitham A.; Kullab, Mahmud; Abu Murad, Khalid
2009Natural Radionuclides in Bottled Drinking Water in Jordan and Their Committed Effective DosesIsmail, A. M; Kullab, M. K; Saqan, S. A
1990Nature and Movement of Sediments in King Talal DamYousef, Najm El-Din; Herzallah, Ahmad Fawwaz
2010Neat Reaction Technology and Conventional Method fot the Synthesis of 4-Oxo-Thiazolidines and Their 5 -Arylidene Derivatives and its Antimicrobial ActivityUpadhyay, Apoorva; Srivastava, S. K.; Srivastava, S. D.
1995Needs Analysis of English at the Medical School in the Jordan University of Science and TechnologyHussein, Riyad F.; Qasymeh, Yousef A. Gh.
1987Needs Analysis of English in Professional Institutes and Community Colleges in JordanHussein, Riyad; Al-Momany, Mohammad Musa
2012Negative Masculinity and Female Victimization in Murdoch's the Unicorn Lessing's the Grass is Singing and Salih's Season of Migration to the NorthKhasawneh, Hana F.; Al-Qudah, Maha Mabad
1996Negligibility of Certain Automorphisms of RationaFunction FieldsHajja, Mowaffaq; Jaber, Ameer Ahmad Abdellah