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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993O-Acetyl-L-Serine Sulfhydrylase From Different Organisms Converts Azide To A Mutagenic Metabolite : Ability Of The Metabolite To Inhibit The Enzyme In VitroUwaus, Wajih; Sadiq, May
1987O-Acetylserine (Thiol)-Lyase from Lens Esculanta Rapid Purification Characterization and Immunological StudyOwais, Wajih; Nayfeh, Fadwa
1985O-Acetylserine Sulfhydrylase from Cicer Arietenum : Purification, Properties and its Role in Azide Activation into a Mutagenic MetaboliteOwais, Wajih; Hazza, Sana R.
1989O-Acetylserine Sulfhydrylase from Vicia Faba : Its Role in Activation of Azide to a Mutagenic ProductOwais, Wajih; Jarrar, Naser R.
2013Object Tracking Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Normalized Cross CorrelationAl Khassaweneh, Mahmood; Al Megbil, Mohammad Hani
2009Obstacle Exclusion From X-Ray CT Angiography Data for 3D Image DiagnosisAlyassin, A. M
2007Obstacles of Tranlating Stylistic Features in Gibran's the Prophet into Arabic by Five TranslatorsShunnaq, Abdullah T.; Ammari, Siba Sami
2008Obstacles of Translating Nasser and Churchill's Speeches Due to Built-in-Language RepetitionShunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Yousef, Haitham Mohammad-Khair Ahmad
2002Obstacles of Using Communicative Techniques in Yemeni English Foreign Language ClassesBataineh, Ruba; Thabet, Samiha Saif
2019Odd Vertex Equitable Even Labeling of Ladder GraphsP . jeyanthi; A . maheswari; M . vijayalakshmi
2002Official Opeining of the Numismatics Hall by this Majesty the KingSad, Ziyad; Shiyyab, Atef
2015Offline Signature Recognition Using Oriented FAST and Rotated BRIEF (ORB) Detector and DescriptorAl-Tamimi, Abdel-Karim; Qasaimeh, Asseel Y.
1995Okonomisierende EffeKts Eines Ausdauertrainings Bel Angestellten Im mittleren LebensalterRawashdih, Muhammad; Heitkamp, H.-CH; Hayagneh, Ahmad
2012Omission des verbes « être » et « avoir » chez les apprenants arabophones du FLEAlzboun, Bassel; Abu - Hanak, Nisreen
2012On (1,2)* - rw - Closed Sets and (1,2)* - rw - Open SetsRavi, O; Plous Missier, S
2010On 2-x-Nuclearity MapsShatanawi, W.; Mustafa, Z.; Bataineh, M.
2013On ?*- Sets snd a Decmposition TheoremThamaraiselvi, S.; Navaneethakrishnan, M.
2014On A - Generalized Closed Sets in Fuzzy Topological SpacesBalasubramaniyan, K; Sriram, S; Ravi, O
2012On a Best Extension of a Half-Dicrete Hilbert - Type InequalityYang, Bicheng
1995On A General Oscillation Criterion For An Equation With Damping TermHalabi, Yahia S.