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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Packet Fragmentation Mechanisms for Performance Enhancement in CRNsBany Salameh, Haythem; Shamekh, Ayat
2008Packet Routing in Mesh-Hypercube NetworkUmari، Mahmud
2007Paleostress Analysis of the Cretaceous Rocks in Northern jordanAtallah, Mohammad; Diabat, Abdullah; Al-Khatib, Nuha Fahed
1996Palynology and Sedimentology of the Lisan Formation Quaternary in the Central Part of the Jordan ValleyMustafa, Hakam; Al-Obeidat, Ali Mahmood
1994Palynology Of The Lower Part Of The Ga'ara Formation In Borehole KH5/1 , Western Iraqi DesertNadir, Amir; Khalaf, Falah H.; Yusuf, Rehab
2000Palynology of the Lower Part of the Lisan Formation ( Quaternary ) , Karamah Area , JordanUbaydat, Ali; Mustafa, Hakam
1985Pamela : A Social and Cultural StudyShraah, Mahmud G.
2013Panoramic Scoliosis Images Using Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filter ApproachAl-Khassaweneh, Mahmood; Al-Dalaien, Abed
1999Parables in the Holy Quran : An Evaluative Study of Some Renditions of Quranic ParablesAl-Zoghoul, Muhammad Raji; Huda, Yaseen Ali Salem
2018Parabolic Maximal FunctionsAl-Sharif, Sharifa; Al-Momani, Maisoon
2008Parallel Graphs Colouring Based on Saturated Degree OrderingShariah, Ahmad; Sabri, Khayr al-Din
1986Parallel-Plate Waveguide Reflection Filters Having Nonuniform Multiperiodic Wall CorrugationsAsfar, Omar R.; Ijjeh, Abd Allah Y. M.
2010Parallelism and Parahrase in Liaredet's Translation of Mahfouz's Tharthara Fawqa Al-Neel "Adrift on the Nile"Shunnaq, Abdullah; Al-Hasi, Noor "Mohammed Ali"
2008Parameter Estimation of Hierarchical Linear Models by Using Generalized Maximum EntropyAl-Nasser, Amjad D.; Eidous, Omer M.; Mohaidat, Luay Mahmoud
2007Parameter Estimation of LISREL Model Comparisons of Maximum Entropy and Higher Order Entropies EstimatorsAl-Nasser, Amjad Daifalla; Al-Rawwash, Mohammed; Alsmiar, Wajdi Ahmad Khalaf
2007Parameter Estimation of Moving Average Process Comparison of Classical Methods and Generalized Maximum EntropyAl-Rawwash, Mohammad Yussif; Al-Nasser, Amjad Daifalla; Al-Talib, Mohammad Mahmoud Yussif
1983Parametric Sensitivity Study of Multi-Component Adsorption from Finite BathMansour, Awad; Sotari, Mohammad
1987Parataxis in James Washington SquareTaylor, Richard Loring
2015Parity Combination Cordial Labeling of GraphsPonraj, R; Ramasamy, A. M. S; Narayanan, S. Sathish
2006Parliamentary Elections Announcements in Jordanian Newspapers : A Sociolinguistic StudyBader, Yousef; Al-Refa'i, Amani Nayif