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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Paleostress analysis of the cretaceous rocks in northern jordanAl-Khatib , Nuha Fahed /ِAtallah , Mohammad /Diabat , Abdullah
1999Paleostress and strain analysis of the cretaceous rocks in the eastern margin of the dead sea transform JordanDhiyabat , Abd Allah Ali Nuri /Al Naqash , Adnan B. /Atallah , Muhammad
1978Palestine in the year 1914Schoenberg , Philip Ernest
1999The paley-wiener theorem on certain comainsArbou, Etimad Najeeb Matti
1996Palynology and Sedimentology of the Lisan Formation Quaternary in the Central Part of the Jordan ValleyMustafa Hakam /Al-Obeidat, Ali Mahmood Ahmad
2013Panoramic Scoliosis Images Using Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filter ApproachAl-Dalaien , Abed /Al-Khassaweneh , Mahmood
1999Parables in the Holy Quran : an evaluative study of some renditions of quranic parablesHuda, Yaseen Ali Salem /Al Zughoul , Muhammad R.
1986Parallel-plate Waveguide Reflection Filters Having Nonuniform Multiperiodic Wall CorrugationsIjjeh , Abd Allah Y.M
2010Parallelism and Parahrase in Liaredet's Translation of Mahfouz's Tharthara Fawqa Al-Neel ``Adrift on the NileAl-Hasi , Noor Mohammed Ali /Shunnaq , Abdullah
2013A Parallelized Implementation of MPEG-4 Global Motion Estimation on Multicore Processors using OpenMPAl-Sarayreh , Mahmoud /Al-Zoubi , Hussein
2008Parameter Estimation of Hierarchical Linear Models by Using Generalized Maximum EntropyMohaidat , Luay Mahmoud /Al-Nasser , Amjad D.
2007Parameter Estimation of LISREL Model Comparisons of Maximum Entropy and Higher Order Entropies EstimatorsAlsmiar , Wajdi Ahmad Khalaf /Al-Nasser , Amjad Daifalla
2007Parameter Estimation of Moving Average Process : Comparison of Classical Methods and Generalized Maximum EntropyAl-Talib , Mohammad Mahmoud Yussif /Al-Rawwash , Mohammad Yussif
2016-06-13Parametric Model of Hed Related Transfer Function Systematic Movements of Poles And Zeros With Sound Location for Pole/Zero ModelsAl-Sheikh Hussein, Bahaa W.
1983Parametric Sensitivity Study of Multi-Component Adsorption From Finite BathSotari , Muhammad /Mansour , Awad
1987Parental Attitudes Towards Youth Socialization as Perceived by 12th Graders at Southern West Bank / PalestineMohmmad Abdeen
2013Parenting Styles Used with Preschool Children Among Arab Immigrant Parents in A U.S. ContextAbu Al Rub , Majedh F. /Carlson , Laurie
2013Parenting Styles, Identity Styles and Academic Adjustment as Predictors of Academic Self-Efficacy Among Hashemite University Students.Ghaleb AL-Baddareen and Soua'd Ghaith
1980Parents Interaction Styles as Perceived by Adolescents, and its Effect on their Psychological AdjustmentSöulieman Rehani,May Thweib,Izz Rashdan
1980Parents' Perceptions of Child Neglect and Abuse in the Jordanian SocietyMajed Abu-Jaber, Jehad Alaedein, Lubna Akrosh, Yacoub Al-Farah