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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Qam Salvage Excavation-
1993A quality assessment using the baldrige criteria non-academic service units in a large UniversityFritz, Susan M. /Blezek , llen G.
1975Quality Assurance Standards Derived from School Stakeholders: Grounded Evaluation Approach to Spur Accreditation and QualityAhmad Audeh
1987Quality metrics in software engineeringMasoud, Fawaz A.
1986Quality of life of Jordanian college studentsHaddad, Afaf Shukri
2014Quality of Service of Video in Wireless Networks Under Various Network AttacksAl-Hurani , Ekbal M. /Al-Zoubi , Hussein
2008Quantification and Spatical Distribution of PAHs in the Vicinity of the Jordan Petroleum Refinery CompanyMashriqi . Yousef Khaleel /Al Momani . Idrees
1983Quantification and Stability Evaluation of the Highly Specific Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitor Captopril in Human Plasma Using a Gas romatographic Method with N,N,N',N'-tetramethyl-2-butenediamide Derivatizing AgentKhalid Hamad Abu-Shandi*, Engelbert Redel
2013Quantification of Polyphenols, Alpha-Tocopherol and some other Components in Olive Oil and Leaves by Means of Optical Absorption and Fluorescence Spectroscopy : a way to Distinguish between Olive Oil Produced in Jordan from Irrigated and non-Irrigated Area'sAl - Wardat , Amer W /AL - Hassan , Khader A
2015Quantitative Analysis and Assessment of Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Computing Environment Based on Exection Time ConstraintsEl-Rhail , Ghaida'a Ahmed /Al-Jarrah , Mohammed
2009Quantitative Determination of Selected Trace Elements in Commonly Used Medicinal Herbs Sold in the Jordanian Market = العناصر الثقيلة و الأساسية في النباتات الطبية و منقوعها الأكثر إستهلاكا في الأردنEl Jamal , Eshraq Zuhair /Alomary , Ahmad /Al-Momani , Idress
1983Quantization of Higher Order Regular Lagrangians as First Order Singular Lagrangians Using Path Integral ApproachK. I. Nawafleh, A. A. Alsoub
2011Quantum Mechanical Study : Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution for Selected ReactionsAl-Adely , Anas Adel /Rawashdeh , Abdel Monem
1987Quantum-Chemical Study of Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Free Small Tin ClustersA. Kodlaa* and J. Sattouf
1989Quantum-Chemical Study of Mechanism of Growth of Nanometer-Tin-ParticlesAdnan Kodlaa*
1983Quantum-Chemical Study of Phosphorus Effect on Properties of Small Silicon ClustersAdnan Kodlaa
2012Quasi B-Open Sets in Bitopological SpacesTalal Al-Hawary and Ahmed Al-Omari
1992Quenching and environmental effects in Ru(II)-diimine complexesJaber, Haytham Rasem
2008Querying RDF ( S ) With Regular ExpressionsAlkhateeb , Faisal /Baget , Jean-Francois