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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Qam Salvage ExcavationTarawneh, Fayez
2002Quadrature Over an Implicitly Defined CurvesSiyam, Muhammad
2014Quality of Service of Video in Wireless Networks Under Various Network AttacksAl-Zoubi, Hussein; Al-Hurani, Ekbal M.
2008Quantification and Spatial Distribution of PAHs in the Vicinity of the Jordan Petroleum Refinery CompanyAl-Momani, Idrees F.; Mashriqi, Yousef Khaleel
2009Quantification and Stability Evaluation of the Highly Specific Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitor Captopril in Human Plasma Using a Gas Chromatographic Method with N,N,N,N-tetramethyl-2-butenediamide Derivatizing AgentAbu Shandi, Khalid Hamad; Redel, Engelbert
2013Quantification of Polyphenols, Alpha-Tocopherol and Some Other Components in Olive Oil and Leaves by Means of Optical Absorption and Fluorescence Spectroscopy : A Way to Distinguish Between Olive Oil Produced in Jordan from Irrigated and Non-Irrigated AreAL-Hassan, Khader A.; Yousef, Yaser A.; Al-Wardat, Amer W.
2015Quantitative Analysis and Assessment of Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Computing Environment Based on Execution Time ConstraintsAl-Jarrah, Mohammed; El-Rhail, Ghaida'a Ahmed
2009Quantitative Determination of Selected Trace Elements in Commonly Used Medicinal Herbs Sold in the Jordanian MarketAlomary, Ahmed; Al-Momani, Idress F.; El Jamal, Eshraq Zuhair
2008Quantization of Higher Order Regular Lagrangians as First Order Singular Lagrangians Using Path Integral ApproachNawafilah, K. I.; soub, A. A.
2013Quantization of Nonholonomic Constraints Using the WKB ApproximationAl-Ajaleen, A. A.; Nawafleh, K. I.
2007Quantum - Chemical Study of Mechanism of Growth of Nanometer - Tin - ParticlesKudlaa, Adnan
2011Quantum Mechanical Study : Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution for Selected ReactionsRawashdeh, Abdel Monem; Al-Adely, Anas Adel
2009Quantum-Chemical Study of Phosphorus Effect on Properties of Small Silicon ClustersKodlaa, Adnan
2015Quasi ?grw-open Maps in Topological SpacesSelvanayaki, N; Ilango, Gnanambal
2012Quasi B- Open Sets in Bitopological SpacesAl-Hawary, Talal Ali; Al-Omari, Ahmed
2010Quasi b-Open and Strongly b-Open FunctionsMustafa, Jamal M.
2017Quasi-Zariski Topology on the Quasi-Primary Spectrum of a ModuleSamiei, Mahdi; Moghimi, Hosein Fazaeli
2018"Que La Peste Soit Avec Vous ! " Sur Iadaptation Theatrale De La Peste DAlbert Camus Par Francis HusterBernard, Isabelle, Rabadi, Wael
1992Quenching and Environmental Effects in Ru(II)-Diimine ComplexesTawarah, Khalid M.; Jaber, Haytham Rasem
2017Questioning the Human Essence in a Postmodern Hyperreal World in Lois Lowry's "The Giver" and Mitch Albom's "The Time Keeper"Sasa, Ghada; Amraoui, Oussama