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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987R-th Order Markov Chains and the Related Tests of the Order of DependenceCaper, Ulug; Manaysa, Haitham Abd Allah
2018Ra, Ra and K Conceentraions in Some Plant Seeds Consumed in JordanAL _ Khazaleh, Khaled A
2003Race as a Rhetorical Construct in Joseph Conrads FictionChaudhary, Mukhtar
2016Racism and Identity Crisis in the Post 9/11 Arab American FictionHammad, Lamia K.; Dar-Khalil, Aseel K.
1994Racism in Joseph Conrad's Writings ReconsideredTarawneh, Yosif A.; Ghuzlaan, Mohammad Abd-er-Raheem
1996Racism in Wuthering HeightsTarawinah, Yusuf
2007Radiation Measurements in Soil of Der-Albalah in the Middle of Gaza-Strip Using Nuclear Track Detector CR-39Ghussain, Mahir O.
2016Radio Mean Number of Some Subdivision GraphsPonraj, R; Narayanan, S. Sathish
2014Radio Mean Number of Some Wheel Related GraphsPonraj, R.; Narayanan, S. Sathish; Kala, R.
2016Radio Resources SharingAlShamali, Ahmad; Bani Amer, Ali Dhifallah
2011Radioactivity in Infants Milk Formulae and Food and their Annual Effective DoseAbabneh, Anas M.; Ababneh, Zaid Q.; Jaradat, Bayan Yousef
2014Radiological Dose Assessment of Diagnostic X-ray Examinations in Some Public Hospital in Northern Jordan Using TLDs-100Ababneh, Zaid Q.; Al-Shakhrah, Issa A.; Bani Hani, Majd Sami
2018Radiological Risk Measurements Due to Natural Radioactivity of Building Stones Used in Jordanian HousesSaleh, H; Hamideen, M; Al-Hwaiti, M
2016Radionuclides Measurements in Some Rock Samples Collected from the Environment of Hebron Governorate -PalestineThabayneh, K. M; Mashal, L. A; Awawdeh, K. M; Abu-Samreh, M. M
2003Radon - 222 Concentrations in the Houses of Russaifa City , JordanJundi, Jamal; Haninger, Thomas
2016Radon Concentration and Lung Cancer Risk in Bashika DistrictKhalef, Ahmed; Hasan, Hana Ihsan; Kasim, Kasim
2000Radon Exhalation Rate Measured in Rock Samples From JordanBatainah, Barakat A.; Mustafa, Hakam
2004Radon in Russeifa SuburbMur, Ali; Abu Murad, Khalid
2008Radon Measurements in Caves and Houses in Umm-Qais , JordanKhasawinah, Khitam; Abu Murad، Khalid
2006Radon Monitoring at Khartoum Using the Charcoal TechniqueMukhtar, Osman Mustafa; Elzain, Abd Elmoniem Ahmad