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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987R-th order Markov chains and the related tests of the order of dependenceManaysa, Haitham Abd Allah
1994Racism in Joseph conrad's writings reconsideredGhuzlaan, Muhammad Abd-er-Raheeem
2011Radioactivity in Infants Milk Formulae and Food and Their Annual Effective Dose = قياس تراكيز العناصر المشعة في عينات حليب وغذاء الأطفال(الرضع) وحساب الجرعة الإشعاعيةJaradat , Bayan Yousef /Ababneh , Anas /Ababneh , Zaid
2002Radionuclide analysis of building materials by using ( HPGe ) gamma-ray spectrometerAl-Shanawa , Maytham Abd-Ala Ali /Ismail , Adnan M. O.
2009Rainfall Estimation from Spaceborne and Ground Based Radars Using Neural NetworksAlqudah, Amin /Chandra, Chandrasekar V.
2009Rainfall Trends in Jordan Using Daily Data : Distribution , Seasonal Variation and Climatic Significance = نزعات الأمطار في الأردن باستخدام بيانات يومية : توزيعها و تغيراتها الفصلية و الأهمية المناخيةHazaimeh , Alaa /Saifuldin , Nabil
1979Rate of passage of Alkali-treated wheat straw through the digestive tractof sheepMuwalla, Marwan
1980A rate of return analysis of the education of Jordanian workersShare, Munzer A.J.
1998Ratio estimation using stratrfied ranked set sampleSiam, Mahmud Ibrahim Abdel-Rahman
2005Re-engineering the blue project using round-trip-engineeringDwairy, Tamer Ali
2003Reaction of acid hydrazides with 2-acetylcycloalkanones : synthesis of substituted cycloalkanepyrazolesAbabinah , Khawla Rasmi
1993Reaction of Sulfur Dioxid with Chlorocarbonyls of Rhodium Iridium and RutheniumAl Hamid , Amer Jafar /Esmadi Fatima
1989Reaction of Sulfur Dioxide With Platinum (II) , Palladium (II) Salts and Their Halocarbonyl AnionsDohaidel, Mahmound K. /Smadi , Fatima T.
1975Reaction Paths and Transition States of C-H Bond Rupture in Aromatics; Benzene and Toluene MoleculesMuthana Shanshal* and Mustafa M. Muala
1986Reactions of 2,2'-Biquinoline , 2-( 2'Pyridyl ) Quinoline and 3,6-Di ( 4-Pyridyl )-1,2,4,5-S-Tetrazine With Some Metal Salts Andcomplexes of Group VIII ElementsQaseer , Hanan A. /Zaghal , Mukarram H.
1987Reactions of 2,2-biquinoline , 2-(2'-pyridyl) quinoline and N'N'-diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine with some transition metal salesand complexesShatnawi , Mazin Yaseen /Zaghal , Mukarram H.
1996Reactions of complexed acid chlorides of organoiron thio-and seleno-carboxylate derivativesOmar, Juhaina Tawfiq /Jibril , Ibrahim
1979Reactions of copper ions with ligands containing group VA donor atomsJibril , Ibrahim A.
1979Reactions of isocyanates with active methylene compoundsal-Muhdi, Ismail O. /Kamal , Marwan R.
1986Reactions of some crown ethers with transition metal salfs , preparation of quinone.- imonium dyes by the reaction of aromaticwith dimethylsulfoxideAl-Mustafa , Jamil Ibrahim Saleh